“Tricks and Treats” of the Interview Process

In honor of Halloween, I thought that it would be nice to do a little “trick or treating”. Instead of candy, I decided to reach out to a few of the employers who actively recruit at UW-Whitewater and solicit their single best piece of advice to pass along to students as they prepare and proceed through the job search and interview process. Let’s check our trick-or-treat bag to see what we came up with.

As you begin the process of researching and exploring different employers and job opportunities, Adrianna Choquette, Agency Recruiting Coordinator with State Farm, says to remember to “always keep yourself open to possibilities. Ask employers about their company and then sell your value, whether it be in a story or a past experience, make yourself stand out. It’s the students who sell their value and make a connection with employers that stand out – and if you stand out, you’re well on your way to finding success.”

Once you have moved into an interview opportunity with an employer, Meredith Karklus, Staffing Specialist with American Family Insurance, says to “research the company you are interviewing with. You don’t need to know everything about them, but be prepared to answer this question – why are you interested in working for our company.”  Know your value and know what you can offer to the employer.

A final piece of advice for your interview comes from Mark Henderson, Central/Northern Plains Area HR Manager with Sherwin Williams. His recommends that students “bring a personality and zest to the interview…the initial 10 seconds are crucial in making a strong statement. You never get a second shot to make that first impression.”

The bottom line from all of our employers is that the most important thing you can do is to get started looking for jobs now! If you have not started your job search process yet, be sure to take some time this week to review the current job opportunities posted in Hawk Jobs. Putting in the effort to research employers, developing your personal branding statement, and preparing for interviews can help lead to the ultimate “treat”…landing an internship or job opportunity,