Federal Hiring Reform

Applying for a job with the Federal Government has been a cumbersome and complicated process. As a result, many qualified people gave up on the process.

Last year, the President mandated changes more in line with the application process of most jobs in the private sector. One major change was the use of a resume and cover letter versus a long list of essay questions with lengthy answers. You may still be required to answer a questionnaire or submit an online form, so pay close attention to the information listed under “How to Apply” in each job announcement.

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There are two places to look at when you are considering a Federal job. One place is the agency website. If you are interested in working for a particular agency, look for their website and see if they have openings. The other site to look at is USAJobs.gov. I recommend starting with at First Time Visitors.

Here you will:

  • Learn to create an account
  • Build and store up to five distinct resumes
  • Save and automate job searches
  • Save and apply for jobs
  • Learn how to use USAJOBS
  • Learn about the federal hiring process
  • Discover special hiring programs
  • Look for a job
  • See which jobs are in demand
  • Apply to Federal Agencies


  1. USAJOBS – The Federal Government’s Official Jobs Site
  2. USAJOBS – Students and Recent Graduates Jobs
  3. Federal Careers by Field of Interest
  4. USAJOBS.gov Tips
  5. Federal Resumes Using USAJobs.gov
  6. USAJobs.gov Tips
  7. Federal Internships
  8. Why Public Service?

Photo by Maryland GovPics.