Multicultural Career Fair

The annual Multicultural Career Fair will be held on Thursday, February 10, 2011 from Noon until 4:00pm on the UW-Whitewater campus in the University Center, Hamilton Room. This career fair is open to all students, providing attendees the opportunity to further develop their professional network by having focused conversations with recruiters. The opportunity to practice the skills associated with networking is extremely valuable, since many entry-level job seekers struggle with participating in succinct, meaningful conversations with prospective employers. I consistently hear from recruiters that many fair participants need to improve their skills in this area.

It’s best if students planning to attend the fair develop and practice their self-pitch prior to the day of the fair. A good self-pitch incorporates a good handshake and greeting that includes your name, major, year in school, and something that relates to that particular employer, such as an internship or work experience that you’ve had that aligns your career interest and direction with the employer.

Beyond the self-pitch, students will want to ask thoughtful questions of the recruiter. You won’t put your best foot forward if you ask the recruiter to tell you about their company or ask, “What does company X have for me?” Prepare your questions in advance, and be ready to ask one or two questions immediately after your self-pitch. Most likely your entire conversation will be brief, probably in the 2-3 minute range.

When you’re prepared for the job fair experience, you will stand out to the recruiter. See you at the fair!