Resource: Vault Career Insider

Career & Leadership Development has subscribed to  a very good career resource called Vault Career Insider. This product contains information useful to most job seekers, as well as valuable information to those exploring various career paths. Vault may be found from your Hawk Jobs main page – select Career Resources on the top bar, then select Vault. First time users will need to create their account, which is very simple to do. You’ll receive an immediate reply from Vault, then you’re ready to access the information!

For those of you exploring career paths, check out the Career Guides. The are 12 Career Topic Guides, providing useful information about what it’s like to work in various fields. The guides also provide a wealth of information about various industries, employers, international career opportunities, and tactical information about resumes and interviewing.

Vault also provides resources helpful to learn about your job search – from information and samples of resumes, to career videos and blogs, and discussion groups. As you’re working to develop your job search plan, Vault will provide you with wonderful resources that will help you land that job you most desire.

And for those of you seeking information about various employing organizations, Vault provides more than 10,000 company profiles. These profiles allow the thoughtful job seeker to learn more about which organizations are the best fit for them. The company profile resource also provides 2011 edition of the “Best Companies to Work for…” list.

So when we suggest that you research the employer before your interview, start with Vault!