Blog Wrap Up and Reflections

In my time taking Journalism for the Web, I learned that it is so much more than the content you put on a blog, but the layout and schemes have a huge impact on the quality.  Although, the content is extremely important to get reader to continuously back to your blog. 

Throughout my time making changes and updates to my blog, the biggest change I probably made was just the overall color scheme and layout.  My first layout I thought was simple and easy o navigate, but I realized that the brown-ish color scheme wasn’t the best to read and it didn’t have a good overall feel to it.  I changed my layout out to a more exciting color scheme and it was also a layout that made my posts stand out more. 

I made a lot of other tinkering to my blog with the side bar navigation and the information in my bio section.  I realized that if you gave a user more access to click on links on the blog and have useful information in blogs that people who pass by will spend the time to click on it.  If I start a sports blog outside of this class I will remember to give the users as much access as I can, but will monitor what kind of users are accessing the site by having the users sign in from Facebook.  One other thing I will put is a forum for the users to communicate on so it feels more of a community on my site.

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