Social Media makes Changes to Catch Fake News

social-media1  As I was searching for an article this week that would relate well to our class I found an article gives its takes on how to deal with social media sites delivering fake news.  Facebook and Twitter have made some recent updates in ways that users can report fake news.  This can be helpful because if enough users flag a post, it can show viewers that it is not a reliable source or it can be taken down altogether.  Facebook also has a new feature to explore related content that contains media content that will fact check reports.  It is a fast way to tell if other sources are confirming it, or reporting something completely different.  As for future updates this article states that Twitter needs to be able users to edit tweets that have mistakenly reported wrong information.

It is good to see that these social media outlets are recognizing an issue that fake news is being reported all over their sites.  These sites are used by a lot of journalist’s and if they are trying to get information reported as quick as possible, there is a guarantee that there will be misreported information on a daily basis.  If these sites can make some changes to help news outlets, we may see journalism back on the right direction

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