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Accessibility at Whitewater


Blog Wrap Up and Reflections

In my time taking Journalism for the Web, I learned that it is so much more than the content you put on a blog, but the layout and schemes have a huge impact on the quality.  Although, the content is extremely important to get reader to continuously back to your blog. 

Throughout my time making changes and updates to my blog, the biggest change I probably made was just the overall color scheme and layout.  My first layout I thought was simple and easy o navigate, but I realized that the brown-ish color scheme wasn’t the best to read and it didn’t have a good overall feel to it.  I changed my layout out to a more exciting color scheme and it was also a layout that made my posts stand out more. 

I made a lot of other tinkering to my blog with the side bar navigation and the information in my bio section.  I realized that if you gave a user more access to click on links on the blog and have useful information in blogs that people who pass by will spend the time to click on it.  If I start a sports blog outside of this class I will remember to give the users as much access as I can, but will monitor what kind of users are accessing the site by having the users sign in from Facebook.  One other thing I will put is a forum for the users to communicate on so it feels more of a community on my site.


Social Media makes Changes to Catch Fake News

social-media1  As I was searching for an article this week that would relate well to our class I found an article gives its takes on how to deal with social media sites delivering fake news.  Facebook and Twitter have made some recent updates in ways that users can report fake news.  This can be helpful because if enough users flag a post, it can show viewers that it is not a reliable source or it can be taken down altogether.  Facebook also has a new feature to explore related content that contains media content that will fact check reports.  It is a fast way to tell if other sources are confirming it, or reporting something completely different.  As for future updates this article states that Twitter needs to be able users to edit tweets that have mistakenly reported wrong information.

It is good to see that these social media outlets are recognizing an issue that fake news is being reported all over their sites.  These sites are used by a lot of journalist’s and if they are trying to get information reported as quick as possible, there is a guarantee that there will be misreported information on a daily basis.  If these sites can make some changes to help news outlets, we may see journalism back on the right direction


Scott Pelley First Amendment Award Speech

CBS EVENING NEWS with SCOTT PELLEY  inaugural newscast 6/6/2011.  CBS photo by John Filo ©2011 CBS BROADCASTING INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

CBS EVENING NEWS with SCOTT PELLEY inaugural newscast 6/6/2011.
CBS photo by John Filo

Listening to the speech from Scott Pelley receive the first amendment award was very inspiring to anyone who wants to become a journalist.  Pelley mentions Fred Friendly a lot who has now passed away, but had the opportunity to meet him at his home.  He mentions Friendly because the “journalistic house” that Friendly built is metaphorically on fire.  Journalists are getting it wrong every day  because of the moral changes that have been made when it comes to reporting stories.  Pelley mentions that the era of social media; people who use Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit have made an everyday person with no schooling in journalism a journalist.  He references the United States to have the best journalistic schools in the world, but in the world we live in today journalists are getting it wrong every day because every journalist wants to be first when it comes to reporting stories.

Pelley does a great job in his speech referencing that something needs to be changed in the way stories are being published.  With social media like twitter that journalists use so much, there is a culture of having the first story published is more important than having the accurate story.  Last week everybody thought there was a shooter on campus, when really it was a guy with a knife.  While both are serious situations to be taken with caution if you are in the area, it is so important to get that information correct while reporting on it.