Fake News goes Viral too Easily

As I was scrolling through feedly I saw an article from the New York Times on how fake news can go viral with the help of social media.  This article relates to the class in a couple ways with our recent mapping assignment and our social media section.

This article is a case study on how a tweeter got 16,000 retweets and 14,000 likes on a couple pictures of a bus and the caption read “Anti-Trump protestors in Austin today are not as organic as they seem.  Here are the buses they came in.  #fakeprotests #trump2016 #austin” The busses were in fact, for a large conference that had to relation at all to the election.  Despite this tweeter’s small following on twitter, this fake information reached tens of thousands of people.  This tweet was also retweeted by several news outlets.

It is interesting that someone on Twitter who has as much followers as myself be able to spread fake news like that so easily.

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