Newspaper Biggest Mistake


This feedly article found here talks about the mistakes the newspaper industry made when presenting its audience with online material.  University of Texas scholas Hsiang Iris Chyi and Ori Tenenboim conducted a research of their own and concluded that the print industry should have stuck with its strengths.  They say they could have wasted hundreds of millions of dollars because the majority of advertising and subscription revenue still comes from print newspaper.  The colossal mistake that Chyi and Tenenboim think the newspapers made is being passive-aggressive when it comes to newspapers posting print-first content online without ever really pursuing digital possibilities.  The newspapers were moving too slowly and other startups such as Google and Facebook were passing them by.

This article relates to the business side of journalism on how newspapers have been declining due to an online presence.  Most newspapers have a website to receive news and information, but they haven’t explored and adapted to the web enough to gain a large enough audience.  This failure has caused a rapid decline of newspaper advertising.

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