Jefferson County Board Meeting

The Jefferson County Board held a meeting on Oct. 25 to discuss topics such as the alleged claims made against Jefferson County for the damages to cars on Highway 19.  The claims were ultimately voted on and rejected.

The claims that took place on Highway 19 were mainly caused by the seal coat chips that were damaging the windshields of cars.  The counties insurance carrier, WMMIC reviewed the claims and found that the County was not responsible for the damages, therefore recommended to disallow the claims.

County Supervisor Amy Rinard, who initially voted in favor of disallowing the claims, suggested that the resolution to be sent back to the Finance Committee to give them more time to present new information to the insurance company.  The proposal would give the committee a deadline by December to come up with a new resolution.

Other County Supervisors were in support of the claims getting reviewed again.  Supervisor Greg David noted that, “There was no enforced speed limit that caused chips to fly all over the place and the people who were driving properly were still effected.”  Grady also made the suggestion that their needs to be signage or and advanced notice on the chipped roads that are causing the damages.

In response, Corporation Counsel J. Blair Ward agreed with the analysis done by the insurance company.

“They did their analysis based on investigation with the highway department.  They collected as much evidence as they could before making a decision,” Ward said.  “My primary interest in having those claims denied is that once those claims are denied, then the claimants have only six months to sue the company if they are unsatisfied with the denial.”

Supervisor Glen Borland was bothered that the county doesn’t have a legal responsibility to deal with the claims and brought up that the county should have a moral responsibility.  Supervisor David later went off of that statement and said there should be a responsibility to get the claims back to the insurance company as new evidence is coming forward.

Other supervisors had conflicting opinions on sending the matter back to the committee.  Supervisor Steven Nass was questioning what the committee would be doing that the insurance company hasn’t already accomplished.

The two separate votes that took place which was proposing to having the Finance committee and insurance company an extended investigation on the claims that took place on highway 19 which was voted against by the supervisors.  It was also voted in favor for that the disallowing of the claims would be approved.

Ward also gave a warning to the supervisors about the Open Meetings Law and referenced the quorums in Winnebago County.  For 4 years in Winnebago the committee was noticed by the public before somebody filed a complaint to the district attorney, that eventually led to an investigation and a newspaper article about the happenings of the quorum should not have been going on.

The point that Ward made is that he wanted to make sure that if there is a meeting with more than three members from a committee that the needs to be action taken and somebody from that committee needs to leave.









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