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Week 3 Post


I came across this article on Mashable about another incident of a Samsung galaxy exploding. This phone ended up catching fire on a plane that was going from Singapore to Chennai. The phone was overheating in a cabinet on the plane and must have got too hot then started up in flame. This has been a recent problem for Samsung with their new Galaxy Note 7 that claims to also be water resistant. This phone, however, was a Galaxy Note 2.

This article relates to me because I recently upgraded to the Galaxy 7. Mine hasn’t exploded, but I don’t think I will want too stick with the phone and wait until it does. This morning my phone was scorching hot. Almost hot enough to leave a burn. The reason of was because it was on the charger for too long. With all the noise about these phones, I will probably finally make he change to an iPhone.


3 Blogs

The first blog I came across is called Being a college student, this website caught my eye because it focuses on study hacks. The blogs greatest strength is being simplistic. There is a green header at the top and the rest of the blog is white with black lettering and orange hyperlinks that can take you to related articles.

This blog plays to the simplicity theme by keeping clutter out of the way of the reader’s eye. Taking up the left-middle side of the page is where you can scroll through blog after blog. On the right side is where it gives an about me section or gives you a chance to subscribe to the blog.

The blog doesn’t have a presence of social media on the page, which I found surprising. It would be easy to tweet out links of the blogs, which would direct followers back to the site.

The next blog consists of lists of the top ten of just about anything.   The blogs greatest strength is that these lists can relate to just about everyone. It has the potential to gain a lot of followers this way.

It plays to this to this strength by providing categories such as entertainment, history, lifestyle, etc. Because there are so many lists that are available on this blog it has the feature of a search engine so the reader is stuck scrolling.

Next to the search button is also a social media option where the reader can subscribe on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and get daily newsletters sent straight to your email.

The last blog I chose is a travel blog written by a guy who provides people with tips, advice and money saving deals. I felt that the blogs greatest strength is its layout. It looks like a travel blog should with beautiful landscape pictures.

The blog uses the strength to pull the readers in right as you enter the page. It is hard to say you won’t want to travel when the first thing you see are kayaks overlooking a lake and mountains.

At the bottom of the website is where readers have the chance to follow nomadic Matt on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest. His Instagram page is frequently updated with the places he is traveling along with tips.


Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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