Baby, Baby, Baby

On facebook, I am not one to post anything too personal. Plenty of family pictures, a status to celebrate my wedding anniversary, or a delightful story about how when I went to put my 3 year old into pajamas, I noticed he was wearing his year old brother’s clothes. How does that happen? Well, I dress them identically… often. I am that mom.

Anyway, last night I posted probably the most personal link I have to date. “Miscarriage and the 12-week Rule- Carrying Grief alone.” Yesterday was National Pregnancy and infant loss day. A day that I was aware of already, due to my own mother’s multiple miscarriages and loss of a baby boy. A day that already meant a lot to me, but meant even more after December 22, 2014.

My husband and I had been trying to give Ethan a little sibling for a few months, when I had my annual checkup. At my annual checkup, I was asked to have blood drawn, and then they informed me that I was pregnant, this was December 1st. We were so excited, I told a few friends and family as I am not one for secrets. Then December 22nd happened, and I received the worst news. I had lost the baby, but my body wasn’t aware yet. I spent my holidays having lots of blood drawn, and being given undesirable options. Pain led me to the ER on Christmas day, and pain stayed well into the New Year.

Through my experience, I learned that I wasn’t alone. And this post informs anyone who has one that they aren’t, but also is trying to envoke and change and knowledge in those who aren’t aware. It discusses how lonely it can be to have this experience, and how there are so many misconceptions about miscarriages and infant loss.

Since it seems unlikely to be able to prevent people from experiencing this altogether, I do hope that in the future through knowledge and information, we can erase the stigma and people going through it can feel as if they are not alone.


Designing a blog

You know, I remember being about 13 when the internet really hit, (yes, I’m aging myself here). My BFF Lindsey had 24/7 access with her own phone line to use the computer that was IN HER ROOM. Meaning, no dial-up, no having to get off so her mom could use the phone, and no sharing with a bunch of siblings. This would lead to many late nights on myspace, and our own websites that we had created.

I would use codes and multimedia like it was nothing. I could change the color of my font, add some italics, you name it. But now, at 29, I know nothing. Designing a blog is something I could 16 years ago, but have lost most of that knowledge since then.

While taking the NewsU course on web design we learned about how you can improve design on a news site. Now, my tiny blog is hardly where people will go to find out news, but I can still use what we learned to better my page.

I decided to change the color palette, when I first made the blog I just kind of chose pink because it was girly and not too boring. In the class, I learned some design tips, and they mentioned designing a color palette, and sticking to it. It’s suggested to use color sparingly, so I got rid of the pink because it can be distracting.

Second, I changed the title of my blog. I’ve recently learned a lot about the importance of headlines, and this course mentioned a lot about knowing your audience. Since I am a mom, and a planner, I went with what I think will attract those of the same mind, looking for the same information.

Lastly, I went to remove any unecessary widgets. But due to the fact that this is a tiny blog, I didn’t have too many to remove. I just want to make it so my page was not too overwhelming, nor did I want there to be too much clicking or scrolling.

I think my youngest has an internal clock to know when I am just about to finish my schoolwork, so he wakes up right away. Who needs quiet and relaxation anyway?


Finally, Some Heartwarming News

As a mother of two small children, sometimes reading the news can be hard. So hard, that I often avoid doing so. I skim quickly passed articles that talk about school shootings, children harmed by their parents, anything that talks about something bad happening to a harmless child. I don’t understand how these things can happen, especially when it’s by people the children love and trust.

That being said, an article like this is absolutely something I read. Especially in our time, when there is so much about how cops are bad or how African-Americans are bad. This article talks about how a child was having a bad day and laid down on the ground to express his feelings. Some may not have been caring or patient with this child, but this officer not only wasn’t patient, but got on the ground so that she could be on the child’s level. It’s great to read stories and learn that there are plenty of good people in the world, we just hear more often about the bad ones. I hope that my boys will grow up to know people like this police officer.


What is a penguin, anyway?

While reading through the feedly app, (which I love for it’s overall ease!) I stumbled upon an article talking about penguins. I think that Search Engine Journal did an excellent job in attracting an audience with the use of a giant cartoon penguin to make me interested in reading the article. The penguin has something to do with Google’s core algorithm, and it is apparently competing with a panda. I believe I would classify this as having embedded multimedia, because the story is linear but it has pictures thrown in, and seems like your average internet article. In the end, I am still not really sure what a penguin is, but I am 97% sure they aren’t talking about the actual animal.

Blog Analyzation

For this weeks assignment we are to choose three blogs and analyze their relationships with their audiences.

The first blog I chose is This is a friend’s photography website, and I may be biased but I believe she is extremely talented. The website immediately grabs your attention with large photographs, eye catching fonts and trendy quotes. Building an audience for a photography blog can be easy, but only if you have the talent that your audience is searching for, which this site does. As you scroll down you locate many reviews from former clients which would allow the desired audience to see the perks to using her business. Her posts are personal and bubbly, which give off a friendly vibe.

While searching on the feedly app, the blog at was suggesed, and as a stereotypical girl I was intrigued, plus I already follow them on facebook. This intended audience would seem to be anyone who is interested in makeup, and they attract viewers with the things someone who is using an app to find out information wants, words like “hack” are used, for someone who is looking for an easier way to accomplish a beauty look. They have tutorials that are easy to follow and tons of pictures to make it as simple as possible. It is easy to navigate through while only having a short time to do so.

In the interest of keeping with the topic of our class, I searched for journalism blogs. There I stumbled upon  Immediately articles about Twitter, Google and Facebook popped up, which most audiences are interested in, and are eye grabbing topics. Along with choosing subjects that a majority will be interested in, they keep their articles simple and to the point. I feel they are easily skimmable, and are factual without being boring.



My first blog.

I’ve always wanted to create blog, but I haven’t made the time. Luckily, Journalism 347- Journalism for the Web has created a need to do so. So sit back and enjoy.

Here is a picture of my adorable family.