The End of Journalism for the Web

When I first made my blog for this class, I chose an obnoxious pink, because hey, I’m a girl and I like pink. Then I remembered that whereas I am female, I’m also a grownup, so I toned it down. I chose black because let’s face it, who doesn’t like black and used a splash of pink because I do still like pink. I added my twitter account, because we had talked a lot about syncing social media, and I saw that the professor linked his to our social media app, so I thought it would be a good thing to do. I also like that it added a bit of personality, but didn’t really take away from the blog posts that I needed to write. I changed the title of my blog to better suit myself, and added a delightful about me page that added a splash of personality to it.

Let’s face it, I have a lot of personality. In fact, when I started college over 11 years ago, I was a journalism major. But throughout many classes, I found myself getting downgraded due to the fact that my news articles had “too much personality.” Which led to a change of major – interpersonal communication. This brings me to the best thing I learned in this class, that as time has gone on, journalism is adapting and is welcoming a bit of personality. Of course, you can’t let it take away from the content that needs to be shared, but maybe I would have had better grades if I was allowed to be more myself. 😉

Throughout this class I learned the obvious, what the internet means for journalism. That even though physical papers may be purchased less and less each year, that newspapers are adapting and bringing their news to the internet, the place where many people spend a lot of time. They are able to build websites, gather revenue from advertisers and memberships. Use more graphics to gain attention, and bring their sites to the users personal devices.

That’s not all I learned though, I also learned how to manage my time for a class with small children. I learned that completeling my college education is not impossible, and that I can (probably) do this. I learned that even though something seems terrifying at first, (my first week or two looking at d2l was overwhelming to say the least) that taking it a week at a time is doable, and I can figure out things I didn’t think I would be able to.

I don’t know if I will continue to use this blog, (or if we are even able?) but I have always wanted to write one. Maybe one day I will have a hilarious blog with all of my mom anecdotes and boring day-to-day adventures, and I will be able to remember all I learned here to make it successful.


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