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As social media becomes larger, most apps are starting to blend into one another and add features that others have already offered. I imagine they are borrowing ideas to be able to perfect a social media app, and beat out others. I think that with social media being such a stable in many user’s lives, it will be impossible to knock out all others, but they can still hope to be the most favored.  A few weeks ago I discussed Facebook Live adding features similar to Snapchat, and Instagram has already added a “stories” feature that is similar to Snapchat.

This article discusses the new additions that Instagram has made to their app this week. You are now able to like each comment and reply easily to them. This will be helpful in moderating the comments. Other users will be able to use a similar tactic to voting on comments. The owner of the Instagram will be able to see what comments the community prefers, and easily be able to find those that they don’t like. It is already easy to delete comments you don’t like, and as always you are not able to edit them.

I am curious to see if one day all of these apps are just basically the exact same. I do hope that Snapchat stays a fun way to send pictures, and doesn’t ever allow an addition to adding comments, as those aren’t really necessary. I suppose they could give you to be able to “like” a chat that a friend has sent you, but that seems pretty redundant to me. I like each app for different reasons, and hope that they don’t just mesh into one big super app.

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  1. It’s a little disappointing to see these apps trying to copy each other. They should be focused on the users instead of the competition. They should be focused on why people use the apps…features aren’t usually the top reasons. Hint: It’s the people using it.

  2. Agreed! I wish they would either come up with their own ideas, or focus on the user as you mentioned. I like each app for different reasons, and I don’t want them all to have the same thing.

  3. I have talked about a lot of social media on my blog this semester and I agree with your assessment. Social media apps are becoming clones of one another. The uniqueness of each app is slowly becoming lost in this movement toward a more broader scope social media app. Social media creators are borrowing ideas for one another but I have yet to see a creator innovate in a unique and useful way.

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