Plug in to Blow Up

This week I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to attach my twitter to my blog. Even with the help of google, I couldn’t seem to do what it instructed. Eventually I pressed enough buttons on my twitter page that I figured it out.

Coincidentally, while scrolling through websites on my Feedly app, I found a really helpful article about how to improve your blog with social media plugins!

This article teaches you about blog2social, where you can schedule blog posts to be shared on your social media, another to add Pinterest plugins and one that makes your blog tweets less. I think this article is extremely helpful for someone who is looking to get their blog viewed by more people. There are ways to add social media icons to your posts and so on. For someone who utilizes social media as often as I do, but doesn’t know how to connect anything, I find this article to be extremely resourceful.

As we have discussed previously, social media can be helpful for spreading news stories and can be fundamental in gaining more followers. With articles like these and other tutorials, anyone will be able to reach more followers, couple that with content people want to read and you can be a success!


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