Trump and Social Media

Everyone knows that social media is a great way to get news, opinions, updates out there. But according to this article, Donald Trump believes that social media is how he won the election.

I definitely feel as if this could be true, but I like to believe that people aren’t that swayed by social media. I have seen a lot of people I am connected with on social media share opinions like they never have before, so that does lead me to believe that he is correct in his assumptions.

Because of Facebook and Twitter, the candidates in the presidential election were able to share much more than candidates could 16 years ago. And whereas that is beneficial, it can also be harmful.

This all leads me to another point, social media is awesome. It’s a great way to connect with old friends and family far away, but I really wish people didn’t get so political on their pages. This week I have seen a lot of ugliness, from both sides of the election and along with possibly helping Trump win, I think this anger can go down a dark path.

I hope that in the weeks coming, the anger and the excitement will settle down, and social media can be a calmer place. This article stated that although Trump finds social media to be beneficial, that he intends to cool it in the future, and hopefully everyone else gets the memo.


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  1. Is social media a great way to get news, opinions, and updates? On Facebook, you’re relying on their algorithm to decide what content you get. I wouldn’t count on it getting much better. There are a lot of big political stories on the horizon as a cabinet gets named, an inauguration gets planned and protests continue.

  2. Algorithm, also forgot about that. I would have to agree then. And with all information on the internet, it can also be difficult to tell what is correct and what isn’t.

  3. I think that social media did have an influence on the election. It is important to note that not just social media posts by the candidates are been seen but the posts about them, for them, and against them by others are all being seen in an unprecedented amount. This inundation of information (some completely false) has to have had an influence on undecided voters. News stories and details that they were unable to find (or didn’t bother looking for) in previous elections came right to them without an effort at all. Whether that information moved them in a particular direction depends on the content and the person receiving that content.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more! I do wish it were more difficult to put out inaccurate information, or to require believers to fact check.

  5. I believe that social media had a large effect on the election. Both Trump and Clinton heavily used social media to voice their opinion, push their advertisements and sway undecided voters. No matter what social media outlet I was on, a post, picture or tweet regarding either political candidate was there. I’m not sure I agree that social media is how Trump won the election, but I do believe it played a significant part in it. By taking the “in your face approach,” Trump was constantly in the spotlight to make sure voters knew about him.

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