Facebook Mobile Bringing in the Bank


Many of us are constantly hooked to our phones. I know I am super guilty of this, to the extent that my laptop is mainly used for schoolwork, because my phone is just that much easier to use. This article discusses how over half of Facebook users are strictly “mobile only.” Which actually seems lower than I might have expected.

This is particularly interesting to me because I think the numbers will continue to grow as our society uses phones more often. Apps like this are so handy because our phones are always with us, and apps simplify our lives.

I think most newspaper companies could really use this information to their advantage. Creating an app is something most anyone (with the proper knowledge), can do. Having an app for your company makes the readers better able to access your information. I think that an app could potentially bring in new audiences, since most of the younger generation doesn’t subscribe to print copies of newspapers. I am curious as to how many newspapers have apps, and the size of their fan base.



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  1. The trick with news apps, as with any app, is finding a niche that can get you an audience. There are a lot of apps out there. It’s hard to stand out with so many to choose from. It’s tough to get discovered.

  2. I hadn’t thought of it that way! I just looked up “newspaper” in the App Store and found there were TONS of options.

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