Knowledge is power.

One of the more fascinating new stories I’ve read this week is about a woman who gave birth after not knowing she was pregnant. I find these stories to be so interesting because being that I’ve been pregnant, it boggles my mind that a person could not know. I am not meaning it in a judgey way, I just mean that there is a tiny human in there who towards the end only enjoys jabbing at your insides and wiggling around constantly. Do they not feel that, or do they just think it is indigestion or something?

It also goes to show how fascinating pregnancy is. That there are no rules, just symptoms that occur more often than others. That most of grow giant bellies, but that some people do not gain any weight, swell up or have morning sickness.

This story is important because I think it’s a good reminder to be in check with your health so surprises don’t like this don’t happen to you. This baby was extremely lucky that without any prenatal care or pregnancy precautions, he was born perfectly healthy. I am sure some babies would not be so lucky if the lifestyle of the person carrying them was not altered to help them grow properly.

I also found the web design of this article to be interesting, as there doesn’t seem to be any design at all. When you click the link on a laptop, or in your phone’s web browser, it just takes you to a plain white background with black text. After learning about color and other forms of web design last week, I feel like this is something that will now permanently stand out to me.

Plus, if you don’t know you’re pregnant you can’t get sweet photos like this one of my second born…


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