Baby, Baby, Baby

On facebook, I am not one to post anything too personal. Plenty of family pictures, a status to celebrate my wedding anniversary, or a delightful story about how when I went to put my 3 year old into pajamas, I noticed he was wearing his year old brother’s clothes. How does that happen? Well, I dress them identically… often. I am that mom.

Anyway, last night I posted probably the most personal link I have to date. “Miscarriage and the 12-week Rule- Carrying Grief alone.” Yesterday was National Pregnancy and infant loss day. A day that I was aware of already, due to my own mother’s multiple miscarriages and loss of a baby boy. A day that already meant a lot to me, but meant even more after December 22, 2014.

My husband and I had been trying to give Ethan a little sibling for a few months, when I had my annual checkup. At my annual checkup, I was asked to have blood drawn, and then they informed me that I was pregnant, this was December 1st. We were so excited, I told a few friends and family as I am not one for secrets. Then December 22nd happened, and I received the worst news. I had lost the baby, but my body wasn’t aware yet. I spent my holidays having lots of blood drawn, and being given undesirable options. Pain led me to the ER on Christmas day, and pain stayed well into the New Year.

Through my experience, I learned that I wasn’t alone. And this post informs anyone who has one that they aren’t, but also is trying to envoke and change and knowledge in those who aren’t aware. It discusses how lonely it can be to have this experience, and how there are so many misconceptions about miscarriages and infant loss.

Since it seems unlikely to be able to prevent people from experiencing this altogether, I do hope that in the future through knowledge and information, we can erase the stigma and people going through it can feel as if they are not alone.


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