While we are on the topic of social media, I learned a neat little trick to post about hot topics, from the points of view of many social media platforms. Check this link out to find out some information on the Ammon Bundy trial that came to conclusion this week!

Cat head.

Most people love social media. It’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and family members that you may not be able to call or see every day. One of my favorite forms of social media is snapchat. It’s a great way to send pictures and talk with a friend, without clogging your storage on your phone.

In this article, it discusses how Facebook live will be adding a filter that is similar to the one found on snapchat, called “masks” and that is some exciting news. Additions like this to our favorite site are always fun, and I’m excited to see what social media sites have to offer in the future

The unfortunate part is that it is only for the live feature, which isn’t something that everyone uses. It’s also unfortunate because I already find friends who use live for no specific person to be quite annoying, and this feature sounds like it may cause that to be a more common occurrence. Maybe with the rollout of this feature, they can stop sending me an alert each time a friend is live.

Or maybe someone can tell me how to turn those notifications off? Either way…

In all seriousness, I think this could be a good way for some sources to have more fun with their audience and be more relatable, because who doesn’t enjoy having a cat on their head or watching their favorite news anchor having their face stretched out?



Knowledge is power.

One of the more fascinating new stories I’ve read this week is about a woman who gave birth after not knowing she was pregnant. I find these stories to be so interesting because being that I’ve been pregnant, it boggles my mind that a person could not know. I am not meaning it in a judgey way, I just mean that there is a tiny human in there who towards the end only enjoys jabbing at your insides and wiggling around constantly. Do they not feel that, or do they just think it is indigestion or something?

It also goes to show how fascinating pregnancy is. That there are no rules, just symptoms that occur more often than others. That most of grow giant bellies, but that some people do not gain any weight, swell up or have morning sickness.

This story is important because I think it’s a good reminder to be in check with your health so surprises don’t like this don’t happen to you. This baby was extremely lucky that without any prenatal care or pregnancy precautions, he was born perfectly healthy. I am sure some babies would not be so lucky if the lifestyle of the person carrying them was not altered to help them grow properly.

I also found the web design of this article to be interesting, as there doesn’t seem to be any design at all. When you click the link on a laptop, or in your phone’s web browser, it just takes you to a plain white background with black text. After learning about color and other forms of web design last week, I feel like this is something that will now permanently stand out to me.

Plus, if you don’t know you’re pregnant you can’t get sweet photos like this one of my second born…


Baby, Baby, Baby

On facebook, I am not one to post anything too personal. Plenty of family pictures, a status to celebrate my wedding anniversary, or a delightful story about how when I went to put my 3 year old into pajamas, I noticed he was wearing his year old brother’s clothes. How does that happen? Well, I dress them identically… often. I am that mom.

Anyway, last night I posted probably the most personal link I have to date. “Miscarriage and the 12-week Rule- Carrying Grief alone.” Yesterday was National Pregnancy and infant loss day. A day that I was aware of already, due to my own mother’s multiple miscarriages and loss of a baby boy. A day that already meant a lot to me, but meant even more after December 22, 2014.

My husband and I had been trying to give Ethan a little sibling for a few months, when I had my annual checkup. At my annual checkup, I was asked to have blood drawn, and then they informed me that I was pregnant, this was December 1st. We were so excited, I told a few friends and family as I am not one for secrets. Then December 22nd happened, and I received the worst news. I had lost the baby, but my body wasn’t aware yet. I spent my holidays having lots of blood drawn, and being given undesirable options. Pain led me to the ER on Christmas day, and pain stayed well into the New Year.

Through my experience, I learned that I wasn’t alone. And this post informs anyone who has one that they aren’t, but also is trying to envoke and change and knowledge in those who aren’t aware. It discusses how lonely it can be to have this experience, and how there are so many misconceptions about miscarriages and infant loss.

Since it seems unlikely to be able to prevent people from experiencing this altogether, I do hope that in the future through knowledge and information, we can erase the stigma and people going through it can feel as if they are not alone.


Designing a blog

You know, I remember being about 13 when the internet really hit, (yes, I’m aging myself here). My BFF Lindsey had 24/7 access with her own phone line to use the computer that was IN HER ROOM. Meaning, no dial-up, no having to get off so her mom could use the phone, and no sharing with a bunch of siblings. This would lead to many late nights on myspace, and our own websites that we had created.

I would use codes and multimedia like it was nothing. I could change the color of my font, add some italics, you name it. But now, at 29, I know nothing. Designing a blog is something I could 16 years ago, but have lost most of that knowledge since then.

While taking the NewsU course on web design we learned about how you can improve design on a news site. Now, my tiny blog is hardly where people will go to find out news, but I can still use what we learned to better my page.

I decided to change the color palette, when I first made the blog I just kind of chose pink because it was girly and not too boring. In the class, I learned some design tips, and they mentioned designing a color palette, and sticking to it. It’s suggested to use color sparingly, so I got rid of the pink because it can be distracting.

Second, I changed the title of my blog. I’ve recently learned a lot about the importance of headlines, and this course mentioned a lot about knowing your audience. Since I am a mom, and a planner, I went with what I think will attract those of the same mind, looking for the same information.

Lastly, I went to remove any unecessary widgets. But due to the fact that this is a tiny blog, I didn’t have too many to remove. I just want to make it so my page was not too overwhelming, nor did I want there to be too much clicking or scrolling.

I think my youngest has an internal clock to know when I am just about to finish my schoolwork, so he wakes up right away. Who needs quiet and relaxation anyway?


Finally, Some Heartwarming News

As a mother of two small children, sometimes reading the news can be hard. So hard, that I often avoid doing so. I skim quickly passed articles that talk about school shootings, children harmed by their parents, anything that talks about something bad happening to a harmless child. I don’t understand how these things can happen, especially when it’s by people the children love and trust.

That being said, an article like this is absolutely something I read. Especially in our time, when there is so much about how cops are bad or how African-Americans are bad. This article talks about how a child was having a bad day and laid down on the ground to express his feelings. Some may not have been caring or patient with this child, but this officer not only wasn’t patient, but got on the ground so that she could be on the child’s level. It’s great to read stories and learn that there are plenty of good people in the world, we just hear more often about the bad ones. I hope that my boys will grow up to know people like this police officer.