The End of Journalism for the Web

When I first made my blog for this class, I chose an obnoxious pink, because hey, I’m a girl and I like pink. Then I remembered that whereas I am female, I’m also a grownup, so I toned it down. I chose black because let’s face it, who doesn’t like black and used a splash of pink because I do still like pink. I added my twitter account, because we had talked a lot about syncing social media, and I saw that the professor linked his to our social media app, so I thought it would be a good thing to do. I also like that it added a bit of personality, but didn’t really take away from the blog posts that I needed to write. I changed the title of my blog to better suit myself, and added a delightful about me page that added a splash of personality to it.

Let’s face it, I have a lot of personality. In fact, when I started college over 11 years ago, I was a journalism major. But throughout many classes, I found myself getting downgraded due to the fact that my news articles had “too much personality.” Which led to a change of major – interpersonal communication. This brings me to the best thing I learned in this class, that as time has gone on, journalism is adapting and is welcoming a bit of personality. Of course, you can’t let it take away from the content that needs to be shared, but maybe I would have had better grades if I was allowed to be more myself. 😉

Throughout this class I learned the obvious, what the internet means for journalism. That even though physical papers may be purchased less and less each year, that newspapers are adapting and bringing their news to the internet, the place where many people spend a lot of time. They are able to build websites, gather revenue from advertisers and memberships. Use more graphics to gain attention, and bring their sites to the users personal devices.

That’s not all I learned though, I also learned how to manage my time for a class with small children. I learned that completeling my college education is not impossible, and that I can (probably) do this. I learned that even though something seems terrifying at first, (my first week or two looking at d2l was overwhelming to say the least) that taking it a week at a time is doable, and I can figure out things I didn’t think I would be able to.

I don’t know if I will continue to use this blog, (or if we are even able?) but I have always wanted to write one. Maybe one day I will have a hilarious blog with all of my mom anecdotes and boring day-to-day adventures, and I will be able to remember all I learned here to make it successful.


Instagram Update


As social media becomes larger, most apps are starting to blend into one another and add features that others have already offered. I imagine they are borrowing ideas to be able to perfect a social media app, and beat out others. I think that with social media being such a stable in many user’s lives, it will be impossible to knock out all others, but they can still hope to be the most favored.  A few weeks ago I discussed Facebook Live adding features similar to Snapchat, and Instagram has already added a “stories” feature that is similar to Snapchat.

This article discusses the new additions that Instagram has made to their app this week. You are now able to like each comment and reply easily to them. This will be helpful in moderating the comments. Other users will be able to use a similar tactic to voting on comments. The owner of the Instagram will be able to see what comments the community prefers, and easily be able to find those that they don’t like. It is already easy to delete comments you don’t like, and as always you are not able to edit them.

I am curious to see if one day all of these apps are just basically the exact same. I do hope that Snapchat stays a fun way to send pictures, and doesn’t ever allow an addition to adding comments, as those aren’t really necessary. I suppose they could give you to be able to “like” a chat that a friend has sent you, but that seems pretty redundant to me. I like each app for different reasons, and hope that they don’t just mesh into one big super app.

Snapchat vs Facebook Live

Previously, I discussed Facebook live coming up with options to be similar to Snapchat. I mentioned that I didn’t care for Facebook live, but loved snapchat. That raised some questions so I figured I would elaborate today!

First, I don’t believe the two are very similar. Snapchat is like a photo text app, and Facebook Live is streaming live video, that can be longer than 10 seconds. With Snapchat you can choose the specific friends you send it to, while Live goes to everyone you are friends with, and I believe that depending on your privacy settings, others can view it as well.

Overall, I enjoy Facebook, but let’s face it, many of us are “friends” with tons of people we may not even wave to in public. We are nosey people who befriend some on social media just to see what they are up to.

This is a reason I prefer Snapchat. I am mainly friends with only people I talk to on a regular basis, or those whom I wish to speak to more often. You are able to send pictures without clogging the storage on your phone, and lets face it- they have filters so it’s okay if you aren’t looking your best. I am able to send snapshots of the boys being cute to my friends and family quickly and easily. It’s just addictive, fun, and I don’t see updates from anyone I don’t want to.

Now Facebook live seems to be used only by someone I am not really friends with, doing something that isn’t worth of a live update. It notifies me when this happens, and often they go live 2-4 times a night. I have heard you can turn these off, but I haven’t figured it out yet. I think that facebook live could be great if you have important news to share, and maybe as time goes on it will be utilized more properly. However, until then Snapchat will continue to have my heart, and I will always wish I looked as good in real life as I do in that butterfly filter!

I do wonder, which do you prefer?

Plug in to Blow Up

This week I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to attach my twitter to my blog. Even with the help of google, I couldn’t seem to do what it instructed. Eventually I pressed enough buttons on my twitter page that I figured it out.

Coincidentally, while scrolling through websites on my Feedly app, I found a really helpful article about how to improve your blog with social media plugins!

This article teaches you about blog2social, where you can schedule blog posts to be shared on your social media, another to add Pinterest plugins and one that makes your blog tweets less. I think this article is extremely helpful for someone who is looking to get their blog viewed by more people. There are ways to add social media icons to your posts and so on. For someone who utilizes social media as often as I do, but doesn’t know how to connect anything, I find this article to be extremely resourceful.

As we have discussed previously, social media can be helpful for spreading news stories and can be fundamental in gaining more followers. With articles like these and other tutorials, anyone will be able to reach more followers, couple that with content people want to read and you can be a success!


Zuckerberg to Fight Fake Facebook News

As we have discussed, social media can be a great source of information. You can keep up with your old friends, long distance family members, and even find out about top stories. But with this plethora of information, you are bound to read something that is ultimately false. Be it a “copy & paste to keep Facebook free” or even news articles. Mark Zuckerberg is now vowing to help put an end to the fake news stories.

Zuckerberg says Facebook will be working to build systems to detect false news stories, and make it easier for people to report them. This will also include ways to disclose articles that are incorrect.

I think this is a great idea, plenty of people will believe anything they read on the internet, and there are also a lot of people who share information without fact checking. Obviously, it would be impossible to get rid of all incorrect information, but it’s a smart idea to work on ridding of some of it, and with that hopefully more people on social media can be educated on how not everything you read on the internet is true.



Trump and Social Media

Everyone knows that social media is a great way to get news, opinions, updates out there. But according to this article, Donald Trump believes that social media is how he won the election.

I definitely feel as if this could be true, but I like to believe that people aren’t that swayed by social media. I have seen a lot of people I am connected with on social media share opinions like they never have before, so that does lead me to believe that he is correct in his assumptions.

Because of Facebook and Twitter, the candidates in the presidential election were able to share much more than candidates could 16 years ago. And whereas that is beneficial, it can also be harmful.

This all leads me to another point, social media is awesome. It’s a great way to connect with old friends and family far away, but I really wish people didn’t get so political on their pages. This week I have seen a lot of ugliness, from both sides of the election and along with possibly helping Trump win, I think this anger can go down a dark path.

I hope that in the weeks coming, the anger and the excitement will settle down, and social media can be a calmer place. This article stated that although Trump finds social media to be beneficial, that he intends to cool it in the future, and hopefully everyone else gets the memo.


Facebook Mobile Bringing in the Bank

Many of us are constantly hooked to our phones. I know I am super guilty of this, to the extent that my laptop is mainly used for schoolwork, because my phone is just that much easier to use. This article discusses how over half of Facebook users are strictly “mobile only.” Which actually seems lower than I might have expected.

This is particularly interesting to me because I think the numbers will continue to grow as our society uses phones more often. Apps like this are so handy because our phones are always with us, and apps simplify our lives.

I think most newspaper companies could really use this information to their advantage. Creating an app is something most anyone (with the proper knowledge), can do. Having an app for your company makes the readers better able to access your information. I think that an app could potentially bring in new audiences, since most of the younger generation doesn’t subscribe to print copies of newspapers. I am curious as to how many newspapers have apps, and the size of their fan base.




While we are on the topic of social media, I learned a neat little trick to post about hot topics, from the points of view of many social media platforms. Check this link out to find out some information on the Ammon Bundy trial that came to conclusion this week!

Cat head.

Most people love social media. It’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and family members that you may not be able to call or see every day. One of my favorite forms of social media is snapchat. It’s a great way to send pictures and talk with a friend, without clogging your storage on your phone.

In this article, it discusses how Facebook live will be adding a filter that is similar to the one found on snapchat, called “masks” and that is some exciting news. Additions like this to our favorite site are always fun, and I’m excited to see what social media sites have to offer in the future

The unfortunate part is that it is only for the live feature, which isn’t something that everyone uses. It’s also unfortunate because I already find friends who use live for no specific person to be quite annoying, and this feature sounds like it may cause that to be a more common occurrence. Maybe with the rollout of this feature, they can stop sending me an alert each time a friend is live.

Or maybe someone can tell me how to turn those notifications off? Either way…

In all seriousness, I think this could be a good way for some sources to have more fun with their audience and be more relatable, because who doesn’t enjoy having a cat on their head or watching their favorite news anchor having their face stretched out?



Knowledge is power.

One of the more fascinating new stories I’ve read this week is about a woman who gave birth after not knowing she was pregnant. I find these stories to be so interesting because being that I’ve been pregnant, it boggles my mind that a person could not know. I am not meaning it in a judgey way, I just mean that there is a tiny human in there who towards the end only enjoys jabbing at your insides and wiggling around constantly. Do they not feel that, or do they just think it is indigestion or something?

It also goes to show how fascinating pregnancy is. That there are no rules, just symptoms that occur more often than others. That most of grow giant bellies, but that some people do not gain any weight, swell up or have morning sickness.

This story is important because I think it’s a good reminder to be in check with your health so surprises don’t like this don’t happen to you. This baby was extremely lucky that without any prenatal care or pregnancy precautions, he was born perfectly healthy. I am sure some babies would not be so lucky if the lifestyle of the person carrying them was not altered to help them grow properly.

I also found the web design of this article to be interesting, as there doesn’t seem to be any design at all. When you click the link on a laptop, or in your phone’s web browser, it just takes you to a plain white background with black text. After learning about color and other forms of web design last week, I feel like this is something that will now permanently stand out to me.

Plus, if you don’t know you’re pregnant you can’t get sweet photos like this one of my second born…