CoBE Dept Info

Interested in all that CoBE has to offer? Watch these videos on each department that highlights majors, student organizations, and more!

  • Accounting: This video, featuring Professor Linda Amann, describes the Accounting Department, required classes and internships, and student organizations that are connected to the program.
  • Economics: This video, featuring Professor Eylem Ersal, describes the Economics program and what kinds of careers students with an economics degree can pursue.  It also highlights student orgs, and opportunities students have for undergraduate research and internships.
  • Finance and Business Law: This video, featuring Professors Amy Verbos, Yuan Yuan, and Rashiqa Kamal, describes the Finance and Business Law Department, shares possible careers in the field, and different ways to be involved in the program through both majors and minors.
  • IT and Supply Chain Management: This link takes you to a page that has a video on it, featuring Professors Sara Deschner and Sameer Prasad.  The video describes the Information Technology and Supply Chain Management program, majors and emphases available, and jobs that students have gotten after graduation.
  • Management: This video, featuring Dr. Jon Werner, describes the Management Department, the majors that it includes, and student organizations that are connected to the majors.
  • Marketing: This video, featuring Dr. Robert Boostrom, introduces the Marketing Department.  It includes information about the field, majors, minors and certificates, and student organizations that are connected to the program.
  • Occupational & Environmental Safety & Health: This video, featuring Professor Todd Loushine, describes the Occupational Safety Major, required classes and internships, and student opportunities.

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