About Me

Hi, I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater and serve as the coordinator for the Anthropology Program.  I hold a Ph.D. in Anthropology (1997) from Binghamton University (SUNY), and an MA in Anthropology (1993) from University of California, Santa Barbara.  I received my B.A. cum laude in Anthropology and Biology (1990) from Wellesley College.  I am also listed with the Registry of Professional Archaeologists (R.P.A. # 15309).

My primary interests rest with the people and places of the Andes Mountains of South America, both ancient and modern.  I was first introduced to the Andes by Katharina Schreiber who sent me in search of a dissertation topic in southern Ecuador.  I went on to complete my dissertation under William H. Isbell working and living with people on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.  In recent years however, I have turned my attention to coastal valleys of southern Peru where I work primarily out of the city of Arequipa.

These experiences form the core of my teaching and research which focus on the preservation of cultural heritage and the role of gender in both ancient and modern societies.  My work has two long-term goals.  The first is to bring communities together in efforts to preserve their cultural inheritance.  The second is to empower women to take an open and active role those efforts.