Personal Drug Use/Prevention and Migration

Personal drug use: cases of someone you know of

A good athlete at my school who is on the football team uses steroid pills and many other stamina enhancers. He uses the steroid pills in the off-season to buff up and support muscle growth quicker. During the season he uses the stamina juice in order to perform for a longer duration of time during games. It always gives him the results he wants, but he also crashes really bad at night and has trouble waking up on time. It is like sugar to a kid, it makes him low energy after a while.

Approaches to prevention/mitigation
–  Recommendations made by trustworthy organizations pertaining to the drug

  • As a parent you have to be straight forward with your child. It is important to tell your child the negative results that sports enhancers has had on other children and teens. These stories should have an impact on their decisions they make as well. Giving them reason for developing in such a quick time should tell them it is not good for them in the long run.
  • Try to provide good ways to get good results. Young athletes  and sports players should play smart and safe. So this starts with proper nutrition and work out habits at the gym. Explain that protein is about as good as can be at a young age, but do not abuse it. Note how many deaths and other side effects come from steroids and other drugs. Good results come from being natural as well.
  • Have a relationship with children’s coach Give the coach an idea that your care for your child and not to prefer certain sports enhancers to your child or rest of team. Access ways to talk the children out of wanting to use them.
  • Keep an eye on what your teen buys. What your teen can buy at the local Walmart can amaze you. Keep in mind that you have authority over what purchases are made. Explain that money should be spend on natural sports drinks or other sports enhancement.

–  Relevant regulations

Many uses of enhancement drugs come from the era of the ancient Olympic Games. Since the late 1900’s, doping has been banned widely across the US in sports. As well, the distributing and use of sports enhancers include the Anabolic Steroid Act of 1990 (USLegal, 2014). The questions raise that if searching homes and taking these drugs away from a users are appropriate. Also several over-the-counter drugs can be used highly as sports enhancers and most of them are being investigated for illegal substances still to this day.

Your recommended action

I prefer users of performance enhancers to be responsible and understand what they are taking. Also I recommend others to question themselves, “can I get these same results without the enhancer?” I want people to put their safety first. It is the most important to make sure you know what the impact of the enhancer has before using it.

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Effects and concerns

Sports enhancersPharmacology and effects

–  Routes of administration

Drugs of sports enhancement can be taken by mouth and needles most commonly. These are the two most effective ways to get the drug to the blood stream or to get quicker results during play. Depending on the sport, an athlete may actually take it in the off season and be clean by the time the actual season starts. It is really up to the athlete and their ways of best administration.

– Physiological effects

Physiological effects most commonly include the speeding up of heart rate or the complication of the nervous system. During workouts, athletes can feel the urge to remove themselves from activities. It is very harmful and highly dangerous because most athletes do not report how they are feeling. Their are a large amount of athletes using these drugs but are feeling worse and worse while trying to get the best results.

–  Psychological effects

Depression is the most common effect. This causes the athlete to feel down and unappreciated for no reason during practice or during play. Sports enhancers has a big impact on how the user feels. These side effects can even lead to suicide. PED’s causing acne, stunting of growth and many other weird side effects.

Causes for concern

Acute toxicity can include Human Growth Hormone and over growth of the heart are most common. Chronic toxicity can include behavioral effects of violence and over aggression can occur.

– Dependence potential

Most athletes strive to be the best at their sport and make it to ESPN highlights. Being an athlete myself, it is understood that athletes are doing whatever than can to succeed. This drugs being used are used more often than ever. Every 7 out of 10 college students are using sports enhancers and not only that, they are becoming dependent on them throughout workouts and play to receive same results.

–  Social issues

So many athletes are posted on twitter, instagram and facebook with amazing body features. The problem is many Americans want to look just like what they see on Television. As well, some sports enhancers are being endorsed by companies on television and not mentioning the actual dangers they have.

6. Current beneficial uses

Recovery through workouts are usually the reasons of use and getting more promising ways to win.

Overall health impact assessment based on the information in 3-6

It is clear that athletes want a better way to succeed through naturally achieving their own results. I believe that it starts with parents acknowledging the risk that are being taken while in seek of these sports enhancers. As well, I feel that teens and many other users should explore the physical and emotional effects of these drugs. This way there will be less sports related incidents in the future as well as mishaps.




Sports Enhancers

Sports Enhancers

Sources and forms of the drug(s)

History of the drug

      -Early Use and Origin

 Most sports enhancers have rose to the scene in the early 1980’s. Though they have been around since the early 1900’s. Now there are several performance-enhancing drugs or PEDs, that are not being portrayed as steroids, but they are identical. Now they are more popular than ever in the media with athletes and teens. Even ruining scholarship offers and contract deals. More importantly, endangering lives while giving the influence to try them and see if they work for a person receiving less results.

Drug use/misuse in the U.S.

      – Recent trends

Many athletes, monthly, are accused for taking illegal drugs. Including a pro-bowl linebacker named Ray Lewis who was accused during the 2013 super bowl for using vaccinations to get him through an injury. It is a trend that all athletes take these drugs for different reasons. In many cases, people are taking them to achieve muscle and stamina support. In Ray Lewis’s case he was taking his to overcome an injury and play through the pain. It is no sources that report this is true, but many articles and social media has blew this up in the media.

    – Current use based on latest survey results in the U.S.

Using sports enhancers have become much more private due to the easiness of testing for it. It seems as if it is becoming more common in baseball. I see so many articles being aimed at these MLB players who are going through long seasons and games. I did a study. On all players taking sports enhancers before at my college. This is very surprising to me that baseball is the highest sport other than football with high sports enhancement takers at 35%. The sports survey was of basketball, football and baseball, with baseball being the highest.

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