Reflections Post

Effective teaching is the process of engaging students enough that they take from a lesson and learn to apply it to their daily living.  My definition has only changed a minor amount, focusing more on how effective teaching is done.  My new definition includes engagement of students, and applying their learned knowledge to their daily lives.  This course has taught me how to find more credible resources by asking for reliable quality information.  This course helped teach me how children grow by reviewing Vygotsky’s theory, the zone of proximal development.  This class has taught me children learn differently due to things such as location, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity.  I have learned how to teach and manage a classroom through our required presentation, and being able to teach our class about different aspects of learning.  Working with others on the presentation helped teach me good communication, and how it is necessary in teaching.  Different kinds of lessons were accessible to us, and still are, through our blogs and require Backwards Design lesson plan model.  Testing for student progress and evaluating ourselves has been learned by having to teach our class about cognitive aspects of learning and seeing if they retained the information.  Also, our great teacher requested us to evaluate her, so that must be important in being a good teacher.  Finally, we were able to connect with other teachers and the community through being interactive with our classmates through our blog.  The most significant thing I have learned in this class is to keep an open mind and constantly evaluate myself and my surroundings.  I believe that keeping an open mind will help me approach all students in my career and be able to teach them something.  The teacher of this course required constant evaluation, whether it be in our blog post, or general feedback in class, and I believe that it has help me become more aware of how much change happens so quickly.  I plan to continue my online portfolio by maintaining posts, and updating it with new found lessons and information.  I plan to store any; lesson plans, activities, or other useful information on my online profile, to show my versatility.  Overall, I am glad my teacher took this approach on this class, and I can’t wait to use it more often throughout my career.

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