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Technology can be used to further engage students when they are learning.  This is because of the amount of stimulation it provides, which is key to getting lessons to be more personable and interesting.  Just like most things, technology can only be used to an extent before it becomes excessive and distracting.  I believe that technology can be used to deepen instruction dependent upon the lesson that is being taught.  In an article titled “Think your’e multitasking, think again,” heard on the Wisconsin Public Radio in 2008, Jon Hamilton dives further in to the reason that using technology in class gets tricky.  It is because we, as human beings, don’t truly multitask, rather we switch-task at very high speeds.  “You cannot focus on one while doing the other. That’s because of what’s called interference between the two tasks,” Said Miller.  When relating this to technology in classroom, it is difficult to allow students access to technology because of their inability to focus on instruction and the technology.  In order to properly incorporate technology in a classroom, the teacher must have set amounts of time where students use the technology, and time where they are instructed to learn without the technology.  In my module 5 blog post I touched on learner-centered lesson planning, and how that would play a role in my teaching.  I plan to use this concept when dealing with technology as well.  Instead of classes being technology-centered, I plan to organize times in my lesson plan to use technology, but still be focused on the students and the way they are learning.  I plan to do this by asking plenty of discussion questions, assigning written tests, consistently assessing the students learning, and actively working with the students on their behavior.

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  1. Hi Brooks,
    I had fun while reading your blog post because I tend to feel the same way as you toward the topic. I too agree that technology in the classroom is a tricky topic. I believe that it is important and can bring very useful resources to students, but can also cause multi-tasking, as you mentioned. I like how you pointed out that multitasking in the classroom is really switch tasking. This concept is important for both teachers and students to recognize because most students believe that they are good at “multitasking” and can handle being on their cell phone and learn at the same time. This is scary because in our generation we get so used to it, but really it is hurting us. I also like how you gave suggestions on how you plan to use learner-centered lesson planning to avoid switch tasking, but still incorporate technology into the lesson plan. Good post!

  2. Hola Brooks! I too believe that technology can be used to deepen instruction dependent upon the lesson that is being taught, but only if it is used in the correct way that will further the students knowledge. Also when using technology in the classroom,students will get excited, which could lead to students being interested and motivated to learn (Thats something we all would like to happen). Getting your students to know that multitasking is impossible, may help them understand the importance of concentrating while class is going on. Nice job Brooks!

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