Module 4 Blog Post

The differences between the behaviorist and cognitive perspectives happens to be their focus, and what directly affects the way they work.  The behaviorist perspective focuses on the individual stages of growth, and how individuals tend to respond to information during these intervals.  Cognitive on the other hand focuses more on how information is brought in to the brain, how it stored, and how it is later used to make understanding more thorough.  It is important to apply both of these perspectives of learning to instruction because of the different ways they affect the learning of students.  Cognitive should be applied because it will help the retention of knowledge, and increase the efficiency in which students learn lessons.  While the behaviorist perspective will help identify what lessons each student will be able to comprehend best.  The cognitive views reside in my beliefs in regards to the role of teacher, peers, and students.  This is because of the affects and results that the cognitive perspective provides.  It focuses on the use of lessons learned and prior knowledge to influence how knowledge is processed.  If processing knowledge is taught well, it will allow students to rule out misconceptions, gain more accurate and complete knowledge, and teach effective strategies and coping methods to deal with everyday life.  I plan to use the behaviorist perspective as a structure to my curriculum and lesson plans, as to what kind of attention certain students need, and the difficulty level needed for the classroom as a whole.  I also plan to use the behaviorist perspective to identify the actions of students, and which techniques I should use to approach inappropriate behaviors.  I plan to use the cognitive perspective  as a guideline to how lessons will be taught most effectively, and how to approach my students with the lessons.  The combination of the two perspectives will provide a very well structured approach to the students I teach, along with a repertoire of solutions and approaches to any behavior that a student chooses to react with.

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