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In my future career as a physical education teacher, I expect to encounter differences from both the staff and the students I am working with.  When it comes to staff I am assuming that most of my differences will be about teaching styles, and what to do when dealing with children.  With students I assume most of my differences will revolve around seeing eye-to-eye with given rules and consequences, and what may be considered fair.  I intend to sit down with teachers that I encounter differences with, and discuss options which we can take to progress and better handle difficult situations.  If differences occur spur of the moment, I intend to compromise as much as possible and avoiding further difficulty with the child being worked with.  When dealing with children I encounter differences with, I intend to help them identify their actions, and teach them coping methods to deal with difficult situations.  Individual and cultural differences will be initially dealt with by establishing a rule that addresses how to deal with those situations.  It will involve treating others nicely regardless of their culture, and giving one another the chance to describe their view and for others to listen.  If this rule is breached, and an individual needs further evaluation, I plan to have a sit down with the individuals involved, individually at first, then in a group, and then with parents, to devise a solution.  A difference that I plan to deal with in my future has to do with being black, white, or both, and how it affects an individuals “placement” amongst their peers.  If the predicament carries beyond the rule I have in place, I plan to have a specific approach when addressing an issue such as this.  I plan to involve leaders who have fought for equal rights, and to identify the idea of discrimination and how it makes people feel.  I believe that planning for a situation that involves discrimination is important because it can be applied to not only, black or white people, but individuals of any culture, ethnicity or religious belief.  Being ready for situations can resolve a lot of tension between children, and help them recognize equity, and how to treat other people at a young age.  This will hopefully change their perspective of how the world works, and assist them in accepting all people.

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  1. Brooks,

    I love how you brought up differences among co-workers. This is not something I had thought about until you brought it up, but it is definitely possible and likely to happen. When dealing with adults, I hope it is easier to solve differences than it may be with children. When you talk about differences among race and say you plan to involve leaders who have fought for equal rights, I am curious as to how do you plan to do this? I think it is a great idea. Will you be showing videos of these leaders or bringing in leaders from the community? I think that having an activist from the community come in and talk to the class would be a helpful activity that could open eyes and create a more accepting environment!

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