Week 1 Blog Post

My name is Brooks Jackson and I am studying to be a physical education teacher at UW-Whitewater.  As long as I can remember the physical use and other aspects of the human body has always grabbed my attention.  My initial focus coming out of high school was to be a physical therapist, so that I could help people with physical discomfort.  I was told to tackle my most difficult classes my freshman year by my advisor at UW-Oshkosh, which ended up intimidating me out of pursuing the kinesiology major.  I thought its’ course was too rigorous.   After a year of undecided activity at a technical college, I found my way to UW-Whitewater where my advising has helped catch me up in my new program. With a handful of credits from my prior pursuits, I decided to change my major to physical education.  I did this in the realization that I could continue helping young people better understand their; health, wellness, and physical relation to the world around them.

Throughout my journey, I’ve gotten to meet some outstanding people, and gain different perspectives on why teaching physical education is important to society.  My P.E. teachers from elementary and middle school were the greatest influnce for me.  This is because of the relationship they built for me and physical education at a young age.  When I looked back to their methods and techniques of teaching, I realized that they engaged students on a personal level.  It was a lot like the scene from Dead Poets Society, when the teacher gathered his students and read Shakespeare voiced from actors they were familiar with.  Another influence or inspiration that I could think of would be a current teacher of mine name Jay Cameron.  The main reason I find him suitable as a role model teacher, is because of how invested he is in to helping others understand, and how he helps them gain their understanding of the physical world around them.  His nurturing approach allows for students to feel comfortable, all while he is encouraging them to fully experience and enjoy themselves while learning.

Last but not least, my Mother has been the main source of influence in my pursuit of my career.  She has helped me finish what I’ve began by reminding me how I deserve to shine, and that I can’t allow others to bring me down.  Her attitude reminds me a lot of the speech given by Timo Cruz in the movie Coach Carter.

Again, I think these people were, and are, important to my career in physical education because of how they made the subject seem friendly, easy-going, and enjoyable.  Also, they inspired me to remain persistent through my toughest challenges, and accomplish my dream of helping students learn new life perspectives that will better themselves.  With these tools I plan to take the techniques and strategies I have witnessed, and use them in my own way, allowing younger people to gain a better understanding of physical aspects of life.

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