Bob Uecker

Bob Uecker has been calling games for the brewers, appearing in movies, and being inducted to the baseball hall of fame.


Here is a clip from the ceremony.

Player Profile

Jonathan Villar

The brewers have a roster full of young talent looking to make a name for themselves in the big leagues. Here is a look at, Jonathan Villar, brewers infielder who caught a lot of attention last season.

The 6 foot 1 switch hitter from the Dominican Republic played 3 seasons with the Houston Astros before taking the everyday roll with the Crew.

At the dish he hit .285 with 19 homers driving in 63 runs.

Villar will play a big role for the brewers this season fighting for an everyday role with young stud Orlando Arcia. Villar has turned down a contract extension offer likely putting him as a top candidate for a trade in the coming years.


Schedule Preview: April

2017 Milwaukee Brewers April Schedule

Each month I will do a schedule preview to take a look at the upcoming games.

The Brewers open up the year with 8 scheduled series in April. Opening up with a 4 game series against the Colorado Rockies at Miller Park. The Rockies are looking to a get off to a hot start after their lackluster year, last season. The first weekend series will begin at home against the rival, world series champions Chicago Cubs. A 2 game interleague series against the neighbors to the north, Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays will be a tough test, especially for the pitching staff. The Jays were a quality playoff team last year looking to get back to the promise land.  3 National league central series will follow. Set to begin in Chicago then come back to Milwaukee against the Cardinals and the Reds. April will end at home with a series against the Braves at home.

April can be a good month for the young Brewers club. More than a majority of games at will help the young players settle into the big leagues.

My prediction is for the crew to take 18 of the first 26 games keeping them atop of the NL central standings.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Whether you are a season ticket holder or you have never been to a game, here our my 5 tips for attending any professional baseball game.

1.) Finding Tickets

  • Do some research before you spend your hard earned money on tickets. Wait to purchase tickets until you have searched high and low for the best deals. Look far in advance for any promotions, giveaways or ticket deals to take advantage of. Finding out valuable information about the stadium, seats, bathrooms, food, sun position are all key factors to finding the best seat.


2.) Prepare for the game

  • Its usually a long day at the ball park, the best thing you can do is prepare for it. Having a good breakfast and staying hydrated can allow the day to move a lot smoother. Remember you are not the only one at the game, there will be long lines for everything! Ontop of the long lines are high concession prices. Having a big meal, and drinking water will help avoid these lines.

3.) Dress appropriately

  • When attending a baseball game it is a good idea to keep an eye on the weather. Dressing for the weather will keep you safe, comfortable, and allow you to watch the game in peace. Remember its a baseball game, not a fashion show. Wear comfortable shoes, avoid wearing white, and support your team. Do not be left out, put on your favorite ball clubs colors and cheer them to victory.

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4.) Proper Etiquette

  • Remember you are at a ball game and there are certain written (& “Unwritten” ) rules you need to follow to please the baseball gods. Yelling is not optional, the ground is the only place to spit, its okay to tell the ump how you really feel, stealing is encouraged, & the seventh inning is for stretching.


5.) Plan for traffic

  • As I mentioned earlier you are not going to be the only one at the game. You should plan for a steady amount of traffic after the contest is over. Instead of sitting in line angrily smashing the horn; Use this time to tour the stadium, take pictures, and shop. The lines will be shorter and often you will have a better experience after the game.

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Tailgate Tips

Before the game starts here our my 5 TAILGATING TIPS for the parking lot party!


1.) PRE-pare

  • Hosting a tailgate party can be a lot of work, but it does not have to be. Stop wasting time and enjoy the party by preparing as much as possible. Cooking as much food as possible will give you a better since of time and reassurance while allowing you to enjoy the PRE-game.

2.) Stay stocked

  • Don’t run run dry at your tailgate party,  dedicate these accessories for tailgate season only. Being fully stocked with with items such as condiments, refreshments, grill accessories, games, and a first aid kit will allow your tailgate to run smoothly.


3.) The COOl-er

  • Cooler space can be scare, and packing two coolers is not an option sometime. By using frozen water bottles to keep the cooler cold you maximize space in place of toxic ice packs. After a long hot day at the park you can keep hydrated; Your frozen water will turn into ice cold refreshing water.


4.) Hand washing station

  • Lets face it, tailgate parties can be a mess. Don’t ruin your new white jersey by wiping your dirty hands on it. Make your own hand-washing station by using an industrial sized laundry detergent bottle filled with water and soap. Turn it sideways and wash your hands with one push of a button.


5.) Clean-Up

  • Make clean up easy by using a portable hamper (with lid) to store your garbage. This portable hamper will make dumping garbage easy, and the party odor free.


Spring Training Preview

It is almost that time of the year again, patiently waiting for the snow to melt and the umpire to yell “PLAY BALL.”  The count down calendar descending slower than dripping molasses.  The sour taste of venom is still fresh, the thought of sharing the same interstate (I-94) with the world series champion makes the commute that much worse. Hearing the “GO CUBS GO” song on repeat is like nails on the chalkboard all off season.

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With just under two months until opening day 2017, this week the Milwaukee Brewers are headed to Phoenix, Arizona to conduct their spring training activities. The pitchers and catchers have reported to camp embarking the unofficial kick-off to the 2017 pre-season. Familiar faces like Ryan Braun and Scooter Gennet will be back in the blue and gold. With the absence of All-Star catcher, Johnathon Lucroy and closer Jermey Jefferess the crew will have to replace them for the upcoming season. The Young Brewers club offers a plethora of young talent across the board. Can former player and current manager Craig Counsell take these pieces and turn them into a championship caliber squad?