Americans are tired of seeing 2016 election coverage

The presidential election of 2016 is nearing its end, and the political coverage on social media outlets is showing no signs of slowing down.

Many people get a fair amount of their news intake from social media outlets, and when these outlets are spammed with political coverage, it’s worth pondering: How do most people feel about that?


Yeah. That pretty much sums it up.

According to an article on, many American adults are simply tired of seeing election coverage in their social media feeds.

But why are people worn out by seeing campaign 2016 coverage?

One reason is perhaps the lack or true, civil discussion, as many people have claimed. Another reason may be the sheer frequency of this coverage, which may be prohibiting social media users from seeing other content first which they would rather see. Or it could even be due in part to a political bias on the part of whoever wrote the article they’re seeing. Or all of these things and more combined.

If you try checking Facebook to connect with friends, and all you’re seeing is political coverage, then you probably will be frustrated, according to the odds. Many of us may be looking down at our cell phones in disgust rather than amusement when we first log into Facebook and see ANOTHER campaign ad.


The original article on offers several useful, meaningful and informative graphics which better explain this message in far less words. If you’ve made it this far into my post, please check out the original article, with a link listed at the bottom of this post!

In conclusion, I believe that comedian John Oliver has the right idea of how many people feel about this year’s election. Here are a few of his summarizations of the 2016 presidential campaign.


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Storify post – live social media coverage of Mosul as the battle against IS rages on

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News articles on social media now include rotating photos

October 20, 2016

By Brad Allen, UW-W student blogger

According to an article published on, online publishers and companies can now advertise with the usage of 360-degree-photos through Facebook’s new Instant Articles feature.

360-degree-photos are still images which the viewer can interact with in order to, effectively, spin the photo around, thus making the photo fully 3-Dimensional. Users simply use their finger to click or drag the photo around to capture multiple views within one photo.


It’s an incredibly feature, one that I never expected to see happen in our lifetimes. But here it is, nonetheless. This feature can make images seem like more than images, and allow readers to really feel in-tune with what they’re looking at. This new photography feature could allow news organizations to better show a story by including images which not only show the speaker at an event, but also the crowd; furthermore, viewers can see media images that now display a full view of both the players in a sports game and the cheering crowd. It’s a great way to effectively show off the best of both worlds in one single, digital media form.

I am utterly astonished. reported in an article that “Roberts also showed examples of the features in action from early adopters USA Today and Bild, adding that users with the latest Android or iOS Facebook app can access them via the Instant Articles page.”

Check out the original article by clicking the link below.

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