Scott Pelley shares key advice at award ceremony

I thought the speech Scott Pelley gave during his award ceremony was meaningful and profoundly well-reasoned.

Pelley spoke briefly on the history of journalism, and added that in the modern era, the “house” that has been built for reporters is “on fire.” By this, Pelley explained his meaning to¬†be that the media is scrutinized and told how they should perform their jobs but the sources whom re most often covered: Politicians, mainly.

CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley

The news anchor for CBS News described the importance of ethics and values in reporting, and how good journalism is far more important than fast reporting. “If you’re first, no one will remember. If you’re wrong, no one will ever forget,” Pelley stated.

I enjoyed listening to his speech about the industry and the points he raised for how journalists should press onwards in the wake midst of a very difficult landscape for American journalism. As Pelley suggested, all reporters should, above all else, ensure that their work it true, honest, fair and accurate. Without dutiful and balanced reporting, the media will suffer extreme backlash in society.

I also found his statement to be humble, particularly due to his heartfelt and humorous introduction to his speech. He told jokes, showing off his personality some, and he admitted his reluctance to accept an award for simply doing his job well and also for doing what he thought was the right thing to do–report honestly and fairly.

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2 Responses to Scott Pelley shares key advice at award ceremony

  1. Kyle says:

    This speech was before the most recent election. It would be interesting to hear what he has to say now.

  2. Joe Kubicki says:

    I completely agree with you that the values laid out by Pelley are important for journalism to be successful again. The only way to monetize journalism in the digital age is to rise above the clutter. Good, accurate reporting is one important way to do that. Professional journalists need to hold themselves to a higher standard than the rest of the citizen journalists.

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