Pope Francis grants priests authority in controversial issue

The leader of the Catholic Church, (with its central authority located in Vatican City, Italy) has just pulbically announced that all preists will have the authority to forgive persons whom have had an abortion.


This is a masssive step away from traditional approaches on this particularly controersial issue by the Roman Catholic Church. It almost seemed to far off to believe, but I’ve seen several sources relaying this information.

Assuming this news is not in fact a hoax, then it represents a huge shift away from certain traditional Catholic principles, which could be a good or bad thing, all depending on your outlook.

But one thing is for certain in this case: Preists can officially tell a mother whom has had an abortion that her sins are indeed forgiven in the eyes of God, and that according to the faith, she will not be rejected by God. This could mean many people will be able to move on with their lives after such a proceedure, which could be deeply traumatic for many people who have ever been through that.


A multitude of criticisms will surely come about as well. Some may say this action by Pope Francis III will allow more people to “get away with a heinous crime: Murder.” And others may go even further to claim that those presits who forgive such actions are defying God as well, and are also sinners.

It’s all dependent upon an individual’s outlook on the topic.


Personlly, I beleive that this statement by Pope Francis III demonstrates that he intends to extend mercy and acceptence to all people, and I admire that.

The Pope has always seemd to me to be a progressive and very compassionate human being, and I believe he deserves to head the Catholic Church becasue of his deep sense of caring for all people. And he is brave for decided on acting in regards to such a widely disputed issue.

It is a very, very rough topic, and it divides people very bitterly in some cases. But I believe the Pope has made a generally decent decision. After all, he is NOT condoning abortion, but rather he has merely given priests the abiltiy to truly forigve a person for their own actions.

I bleieve my own views liekly align with the Pope’s views. I’ve confided to close friends and family members that I would never, ever choose abortion. I just would not. However, I choose not to judge or cast hate towards those who do make that decsion. It’s a choice, and whether we bleeive it’s right or wrong is on us. But judgement and hate of those who make that choice does nothing to help the situation. We must have compassion.

There are many reasons why people choose abortion. Some are perhaps more clear cut than others.

There’s case where the people just did not feel ready for parenthood, or that they would be unable to rasie a child due to their financial situation. However, one reason that stnds out to me is the mother’s health. I’ve read in the news about a few cases where a mother was told by doctors that a birth (natural or C-Section) would result in her dying. And these mothers had several other living children to care for. Some of these mothers had no husband or secondary caretaker. In these cases, it might become imperitive that the mother has to make a truly hard choice. It’s horrible.

But it’s not our place to judge. Leave that to the faithful clergy.


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