Election boosts NBC, Fox news traffic

The 2016 presidential election has reportedly helped boost traffic for NBC and Fox news.

This seems not too surprising, considering how huge of an event the American presidential election is in general, particularly throughout this latest cycle.

Overall, I think many news organizations have benefited in some way from election coverage, even at a local level. Considering there were several elections going on at once throughout many states. Whitewater, as an example, voted for the President, Wisconsin’s U.S. Senator, the 43rd district representative, a referendum on school funding, and several small office candidates for the City of Whitewater (such as the city treasurer).

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2 Responses to Election boosts NBC, Fox news traffic

  1. Kyle says:

    Given the outcome of the election, many are expecting the boost in traffic to continue.

  2. Joe Kubicki says:

    This to me does not seem out of the ordinary of what would be expected. I do think that as the controversy around this topic continues, the traffic to these outlets will increase as well. People want and need to be informed about these issues and NBC and Fox have some of the top coverage on these topics. Similarly the last election has huge implication son the future of the country and people will be watching every move that is made.

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