The results are in, and Putin is quite pleased

Well. The results are in. We, as a nation, have elected Donald J. Trump to be President #45. I’m sure Obama will give a very awkward, passive-aggressive speech when he passes over the torch in January.

As the results were pouring in last night, many people probably looked like this:


All feelings aside, the election is over, and it’s time for the nation to look to the future, be it good or bad.

One positive outcome may be that the United States and Russia may see improved relations, due to the mega bromance between the Donald and Vladimir Putin.

This would be a good thing.


Also, another good outcome could be that Trump will push to lower businesses’ tax rates, and maybe create more jobs and expand the economy? I hope.

But there are some extreme concerns.

One of which is if Trump will try to repeal the amendment that legalized gay marriage. Seriously, in a government dominated entirely by Republicans, in every single branch, this could be a possible goal. And a huge step backwards in our modern society.


Another major concern I have is if Trump ends up running up a massive debt through his tax policies, which could either succeed very much or fail horribly. Furthermore, the stock market value has seen much decline today, and is plummeting downwards fast.

And a third concern I have considered is whether Trump will actually build a wall. It wouldn’t really do anything other than severely aggravate an important U.S. ally–Mexico. It’s a terrible, terrible idea to poke that bear.


No, not that bear!

But no matter what happens, it’s important to accept the results and remain calm. The results will not always be thrilling, and although many of us are disappointed, this is a democracy, and it’s a privilege to be a U.S. citizen. AND Trump roved his own claims wrong–that the election was rigged. Well, he won, which means it IS NOT actually rigged, which is actually something to celebrate! Our democracy is not a sham after all.

It’s only 4 years. We’ll get through this. And who knows, maybe all his campaign nonsense was just fluff and for show? Maybe he’ll actually do some good in office. I hope so.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump speaks at a veteran's rally in Des Moines, Iowa January 28, 2016. REUTERS/Rick Wilking  - RTX24HM9

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