Do Trump and Obama have something in common? Maybe.

In an article published on The New York Times, a writer argues their point for why Barack Obama and Donald Trump might have some things in common.

The message behind this post shows collected data which, could be argued, suggests that Trump is polling well among white voters without a college education or high school GED, and this might guide the business mogul to a win in the election.

Just like Obama reacted humorously to a member of a crowd recently, this may be his reaction if Trump wins: Astounded.


Some of Obama’s white supporters in the 2008 election are now polling in favor of Trump.

Assuming the writer is correct, and Trump does win… do him and Obama really have anything else in common?

Well, Obama had campaigned as a man representing hope and change… and Trump’s message is somewhat similar at its core: Change, making the nation great again.


Perhaps this is true; perhaps Trump can still pull ahead. All will become clear on election night.

Hillary Clinton had better hope this article is not correct in its assumption, or else (oh god… please no) President Trump will throw her in jail.

I’m sure that prospect would make this young woman happy.


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