Two key changes improve blog design

After taking a course through Poynter’s News University webpage, I decided to implement a couple strategies into my class blog’s presentation, in hopes of offering a better display module to my readers.

One key change that I have made is in the theme of the page. I had originally set the theme to have a gigantic photo at the top, with all my stories and posts cluttered below it without much organization. In order to better present my content, I have changed the theme to one without a big, distracting photo at the top, and have organized my stories neatly in chronological order down the length of the page.

Another change I have made is to include a new sidebar and posts archive, in which viewers can select specific folders organized by chronological month order, which will make it easier for readers to go back and find stories without having to backtrack too much. It’s much more organized this way now.

I hope that these changes will see improvement to my blog’s presentation methods, and I am open to receiving any feedback from readers.

About Brad Allen

I am a 20-year-old college student at UW-W, studying Journalism and Creative Writing. I'm an aspiring author, and I've self-published a novel through Amazon. I currently work for both the Royal Purple and the Janesville Gazette newspapers.
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