Philippines President issues controversial statement

September 30, 2016

By Brad M. Allen

Every day, I find more reason to believe that the leaders of the world’s nations are only getting crazier.

I was browsing through my Feedly subscriptions, checking up on each blog’s new content. I decided to check CNN as well to see what today’s top news stories are.

Then I saw this article about the Fillipino President comparing himself to Adolf Hitler, and my jaw dropped.


Yeah, this was pretty much my reaction too.

Rodrigo Duterte said that Hitler killed 3 million Jewish people during the Holocaust, and added that there are 3 million drug addicts in the Phillipines and that he would enjoy killing them all.

Historical records state that 6 million Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust, and 11 million people overall.

Duterte is currently waging what he calls a “drug war” against a significant portion of his own country’s civilian population, and he’s got the military totally involved. This echoes what’s going on in Syria, and I’m praying that he doesn’t follow in Assad’s footsteps of going into absolute war against all of his people.


Duterte has expressed blatant disregard for President Obama’s calls to end the “drug war” as well, harming political relations between the U.S. and the Philippines.

There’s always political scandals going on and there’s never a shortage of controversial issues to discuss.  But this one is pretty significant in terms of outright bigotry.

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I am a 20-year-old college student at UW-W, studying Journalism and Creative Writing. I'm an aspiring author, and I've self-published a novel through Amazon. I currently work for both the Royal Purple and the Janesville Gazette newspapers.
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