3 interesting blog I discovered on Feedly.com

I have found 3 interesting blogs on Feedly.com. These blogs are very different in topic, but I’ve always felt variety is essential when creating good news feeds or blog subscriptions.



The first blog that I discovered is called 500px: Editor’s Choice. This blog is dedicated to posting inspirational photos taken by subscribers themselves, photos borrowed from (just to post and give credit to) professional photographers and also the photography team which runs the blog daily. This blog is new and is still just getting started, but I believe this blog will continue to put our good content for quite a while.

This blog’s greatest strength is that it posts very often and the photos are high-quality images. There’s plenty of content to browse through and enjoy. Each blog contributes to this strength through a continuity of excellent photos and frequency of posting. This blog goes about building an audience by including the audience in its posts and its feed overall. The subscribers have a significant role, which makes this blog much more interactive than most.



The second blog I discovered in a Game Spot blog. This feed is dedicated to providing news and footage of video games for console game players.

Its greatest strength is that it provides not only news for upcoming releases, but also gameplay footage of various games for players to watch. This blog plays into the strength by posting a variety of articles very often. I believe this helps to effectively reach more people on various issues which may interest some here, and others there; therefore, this variety likely helps to target more people and earn more gamers’ subscriptions, achieving a large audience.



The last blog I found and subscribed to is called Skift. It’s a blog focused on providing travel news and tips galore.

It’s greatest strength is that the blog posts constantly – and the information given is all potentially useful for travelers. The most recent posts which destinations in New York City are best for tourists, a new Mariott campaign to reward frequent travelers with travel benefits and coupons, and also an analysis of why the number of U.S. flights going to and from Cuba is still so low. Each blog plays into the overall strength by contributing new and useful travel information. This may help some people as they begin planning their next big trip. I believe the many useful tips given would make this blog a good place to visit occasionally to receive travel news. Each blog also is dedicated to provoking readers’ thoughts, which could serve to get people telling their friends about articles they’ve read and ultimately lead to a growing audience.

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I am a 20-year-old college student at UW-W, studying Journalism and Creative Writing. I'm an aspiring author, and I've self-published a novel through Amazon. I currently work for both the Royal Purple and the Janesville Gazette newspapers.
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