Millennials and Reading

For this post, I will be discussing the information presented in the article “Millennials are Out-Reading Older Generations”, which can be found at .

I am a part of the millennial generation and I love to read, so I felt that this article would be interesting to read. The article mentions how younger generations are always receiving slack from the couple of generations above them because of the types of things they are into. But to many people’s surprise, millennials love to read. According to a poll they did in the article of six thousand people, eighty-eight percent of people under thirty  read a book within the last year. Seventy-nine percent of people above the age of thirty had read a book within the past year. So I think it is very interesting that younger people were reading more than the older generation.

Another interesting thing from the article is that it said that people are buying books more than borrowing them from the library. I personally have bought several books, but I tend to borrow them from libraries more often. Since I am in college, I do not really have a ton of extra money lying around to spend on books. Besides, free rental from the campus library is built into my tuition, so I might as well take advantage of that.

I would highly suggest that you read the article that this post is about. There are many interesting facts and points within this article! Have a great day!

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