Beautiful Disaster


For this review, I will be reviewing the novel “Beautiful Disaster” by Jaime McGuire. This book is written in the first person and is about a young woman, Abby, who is starting her freshman year of college at a university far away from home. She is in desperate need to start a new life and leave her past behind her. Abby and her best friend meet two guys whom they become pretty close with later in the book. Abby’s best friend dates one of the guys throughout the book and Abby has a love-hate relationship with the other guy. Travis. Travis is known as the campus player who is only into one night stands and scoffs at the thought of commitment. Throughout the book, Abby and Travis develop a friendship and then it eventually leads to more. The two of them have an interesting and complicated relationship. I won’t give away what happens with their relationship, so if you want to know more, you’ll have to read the book for yourself!

I really enjoyed reading “Beautiful Disaster” and have even read it a few times. McGuire does a fantastic job of hooking the reader right from the beginning. Her writing style is very easy to read and it did not take me very long to finish reading it. There are four hundred and thirty two pages in this book and I think that is the perfect amount. It’s enough pages to make sure that everything that should happen, happens. This book is addicting to read; you won’t want to put it down until you’re finished.

I love the characters in this book as well. Abby is an amazing main character and she is very smart and funny. Her relationship with her best friend is also really nice. They have such a great friendship and a lot of readers can relate to their friendship. Abby’s relationship with Travis is very interesting and I’m sure some readers can also relate to it especially if they have a complicated relationship with a guy or girl in their life. This book is also relatable for readers who are starting their college career.

I would recommend this book to everyone who loves a complicated love story that also incorporates the true meaning of friendship and the self. This book is also the first book in a series. The second book is the same story, but in Travis’ point of view with several extra scenes. I also recommend that book! If you would like more information on this book and/or series, here is Jamie McGuire’s website: .

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