Sad News its the End of an Era

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Harmonizers, this is sad news to report, but yes the widely popular and successful girl group Fifth Harmony has lost a member. That’s right folks Camila Cabello has decided to part ways with the group to pursue her budding solo career. The group was put together on the U.S. version of X-Factor in 2012. Since then the group has released an EP and two full length studio albums as well as touring the world. The news comes as the group is finishing up their 7/27 tour also the title of their sophomore project and the last as a full group.
cabello-and-mgkRumors have reported that the group has been on the rocks for the past year and the girls simply have not been getting along. Which i’m sure was making it easier for Cabello to make the decision to part ways. The remaining members of the group are not happy about the decision, and have even expressed on social media their anger, sadness and how they were blindsided.

While the remaining girls say Cabello’s team broke the news to them about her departure rather than it coming from her, Cabello defends herself by making it known that her and the other members of the group have discussed this before and it should not have been a shock to anyone involved.

Well it surely is sad to see this group come to an end so soon, personally I would have liked to see one more album from them as a whole then I could have been content with them going their separate ways, but hey we can’t always get what we want. So long Fifth Harmony it was a good run, thank you for the music and your beautiful voices, I will always be a fellow Harmonizer.

Jacob Latimore Brings the Fire!

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The Milwaukee native artist has been on the music scene since 2005 at the age of 9 and is now 20 years old and back with a new sound showing his maturity and entering into a new realm of R&B.


The first Single “Best Friend” released in 2005 shows Latimore’s ┬áprogression from a kid artist to an adult with his current single “The Real” off his debut album “Connection” released December 9th 2016.jacob-latimore-the-real

The reason for such a long time between Latimore’s earlier projects and finally releasing a full length album could have had something to do with his age. In all honesty at the age of 9 it is hard to market a child into the music industry and have the public accept the music for an urban artist. I do believe that his label did a great job with the waiting game on releasing an album until he was at an age he could marketed and received well from different demographics. The label did a good job with having him release one or two songs throughout each year to show he is aging and with his aging comes with developing stronger vocals, and a maturing sound each year. Doing this allowed for listeners to grow with him physically and musically.

Latimore’s debut album is a sure urban/modern R&B record that I personally was hesitant to give a chance. I did not know if I was going to be able to wrap my head around the fact this guy was once a little kid singing typical kid songs. I was pleasantly surprised by the content of this album, and found it to be very good with a list of possible hits. Songs like “Advertise It” and “Mutual” are two of my favorite records that have a mature sound and R&B feel. While it is unsure how the album will chart and how sales are doing, it has been received well by music listeners. I’ve noticed that a lot of people my age (in there early to mid 20s) have heard of the album and listened to it and actually enjoying it. I guess this proves that with just some time and patience success can occur.

Listen below…


Bianca Bonnie Steps Back on the scene

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The Love and Hip-Hop franchise is one of the most watched and successful reality television shows out right now on VH1. With its abilities to bring attention to up and coming artists as well as putting them back on the map,

young-b-love-and-hip-hopBianca Bonnie formally known as Young B, makes her way back to the music scene.

Young B was first introduced to the music scene in 2006 with her hit single “Chicken Noodle Soup”. With the success of the dance anthem at the time, the younger generation seemed to be opening Young B with open arms, but it seemed to be another case of 1 hit wonder. For years after “Chicken Noodle Soup” Young B music was not really heard of leaving some people wondering what ever happened to her. As her emergence back to the spotlight, she joined the cast of Love and Hip-Hop New York in 2015 (Season 6-Present).



Joining the cast has allowed for Young B to transition from child star/artist to Bianca Bonnie, the adult rapper/singer. Her latest project The 9th Year (Mixtape) is available on Apple Music. Personally I think this mixtape is a solid piece of work from the rapper. Her sound is strong, and her rapping is on point. The beats are sick with every song having potential to be a club banger. It is clear that Young B is not longer young, rather an emerging artist who is making her own name and sound as the new and improved Bianca Bonnie.

Music Heals

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Good evening fellow music lovers I want to express my thoughts and feelings on how music heals. Music is the ultimate form of healing. Music has proven to support moods of happy and sad. Lyrics are what make a strong song so people can connect with the music on another level.

I want to share how music gets me through a lot of things that occur throughout my life. Ever since I can remember I always turned to music when it comes to certain situations. At times I find myself in my worst moments of anger or sadness I turn to music as a coping mechanism. When I find myself in a great mood, I turn to music to enhance my mood and listen to songs that reflect my feelings. Coming from a music background, grew up playing the viola from 2nd grade through high school and would use my talents of instrument playing to be an escape from the world and my surrounds and really dive into something that allowed me to be content and peaceful.


WATCH: Solange Slays Performance

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With the accomplishment of a #1 album Solange has not been shy to the spotlight lately. Shortly after her live performance on SNL, Solange graced the late night stage to perform “Rise ” and “Weary” on Jimmy Fallon.

Watch the video below.

Music and the Reality Tv Era

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Reality television has taken over television stations these days and of course the music industry had to get in on the phenomenon. Competition shows such as Making the Band and American Idol are veterans when it comes to music talent based reality television. The most popular outlet for up and coming artist these days is the widely popular reality television show franchise Love and Hip-Hop. Showing a different side of the music industry from an urban genre featuring hip hop artist. For those who are unaware of what exactly this show is, it focuses on the lives of women in the hip-hop game.

Some say that love and Hip-Hop not only does a dishonor to the African American community, but puts Hip-Hop in a bad light. In a way a show like this that depicts blacks in a certain way in terms of the immense amount of fighting verbally and physically between the cast of women puts a bad taste in the mouths of music industry moguls that these women are trying to work with to further their careers.

While I enjoy my guilty pleasure of watching Love and Hip-Hop I value and respect the art of music first and foremost and am willing to admit that shows like these do in-fact devalue the music industry.


Have Music Player Devices Gone Obsolete!?

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Generations have had many different ways to listen to their music while on the go. The Walkman/cassette players were the original iPod of the 90s. Then of course there was the evolution of the portable CD player. Both contributors to the advancement of technology and the reason we can have music at our ready and able to listen and refer to it whenever we choose.

early into the millennium we were introduced to the iPod in 2001 which essentially changed the game allowing people to take their music wherever they wanted and be able to have multiple different types of music all on one space. The success and talk about the iPod allowed for other devices like the mp3 player to come into player. Which was always seen as the less expensive and less reliable version of the iPod. Multiple generations of music players have been released since but now seem to be taking a backseat much like physical cd copies have.

It seems as though the need for actual iPod and mp3 players have diminished, being that your cell phone can be an iPod as well. The evolution of smartphones have taken away the demand for portable players making them a collect-able in a sense rather than another accessory.

The next time you go to an electronics store or the Apple store take the time to see all that is offered when it comes to iPod and mp3 players and how small the sections have gotten. Crazy to see what can happen when it comes to music and technology in 15 years.

New Music, New Artists, New Experiences

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Being an avid music listener I am always looking for new ways to increase my knowledge on the music industry and open my ears to new artist. Having an open mind to different artists and sounds are important and essentially what helps to keep this industry thriving and flowing.

Spotify is a great platform to discover new music that sounds unique to what is heard daily on the radio and mainstream media. With thousands of songs to choose from and artists that people may have never heard of spotify creates new experiences for an avid music listener.

Spending time on outlets such as YouTube make it easy to discover new music and artists as well as media platforms like sound-cloud. Taking the time to find new music and artists can help thrive and bring the music industry back to what it once was in my opinion. People then have the opportunity and luxury to tell their friends about new music they have stumbled upon, creating a cycle that becomes beneficial. Technology these days makes it even easier to share music electronically with the press of a button. So I say we all get proactive and start searching and listening.


Remember When!?

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Remember when music had a purpose and artist were on the scene who contributed head banging beats, and thoughtful lyrics. Music that was relate-able and could satisfy the emotional needs of anyone.  Remember when girl groups and boy bands dominated the music scene and added a different eliminate to the industry. Making it fun for you and your friends to listen to their music and pretend each one you were a member from a group. Remember when the radio could be turned on and each song a DJ played, it was a hit and everyone liked. Remember when music was music.

I can remember a time when the music industry was filled with talent that was unquestionable and undeniable. The artists like Ashanti who contributed to pop and R&B/Soul with her sensual, light yet strong voice that put out music that still gets played on the radio till this day. Groups like TLC, Backstreet Boys, Boyz 2 Men and En Vogue showed us how different voices can come together and create unforgettable music.

We can’t forget legends who have passed on too soon leaving the music industry feeling somewhat empty and causing us to say remember when. Artists like Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, Prince and Amy Winehouse are some of musics greats who we lost too soon.

When we look back at music it is important to feel moments of nostalgia. To have these feelings means music is doing something right or more so has done something in the past. It is clear that the music industry today is different from the past but music that can stand the test of time is what matters. To look back and say remember when is not always bad, yet can have wonderful memories connected to it.


The Grammy’s Are Coming! The Grammy’s Are Coming

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With a little less than two months away, musics biggest night is approaching. On February 12th, 2017 the 59th Annual Grammy Awards will be live on CBS. I can honestly say Grammy night is one of the most exciting nights for me to witness as an avid music listener. There is nothing my satisfying than seeing artists that you support year after year and enjoy immensely receive recognition for their contributions to the music industry.

With The Grammy’s assisting starting off the new year, the awards will be having a new face representing the star studded night. The past 5 years viewers have witnessed and grown comfortable with music mogul LL Cool J.ll-cool-j




That’s right folks! there is a new host in town and that would be Mr.┬áJames Corden.

james-cordenLate Late nights host and famously known for his celebrity karaoke car pool segments.

With nominees like Adele, Rihanna, Drake, Beyonce and Kanye West to name a few, musics biggest night will be jam packed with great performances and a room filled with amazing talent.

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