Hello, my name is John Sheehan, I will coming at you with all that is pure in the world of golf. What qualifies me to be speaking on golf, would be the fact I’ve been having professional lessons since the age of five. My grandfather has spent around 300,000 dollars on golf memberships in the past 20 years and has brought me on countless excursions. To my family golf is life and it would be my pleasure to bring my knowledge to all of you looking for a laugh or insight of many kinds. Be it the booze, PGA reviews, or how to respect the beverage cart girl. Most of all, I will be trying to bring the fun of golf to your electronic vices. What I think most of you are reading for is my critical analysis of local courses. What qualifies me to review such a thing is I have golf on the most prestigious golf courses in South Caroline. The Golf course I grew up on was made by the son of the man who built the Masters Course in Augusta. With this said I will be very critical and comical when I tear into local Wisconsin courses that are only maintained 4 months of the year. Please stay tuned. Please enjoy with all your heart. Please tell your friends and family of this amazing experience called golf. One thing to remember is golf is a game that grows with you. The game of golf can be enjoyed for a lifetime.