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NHL News

In other news from around the league… 

  • Blackhawk Marian Hossa played in his 500th NHL game last Wednesday
  • Patrik Lanie of the Winnipeg Jets got his team the win after getting a hat trick
  • Sid the Kid of the Pittsburgh Penguins could possibly play in the next game after his concussion was cleared
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Oh Canada, New Jersey and LA

this week’s schedule

Hawks vs Calgary Flames today @ 7:30

Hawks vs New Jersey Devils Friday @ 6:30

Hawks vs  the LA Kings Sunday @ 6:00

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Hawks Hockey x 3

This week at a glance 

Tues Oct. 18: Hawks v. Philadelphia Flyers @ 7:30 CST

Fri Oct. 21: Hawks v. Columba’s Blue Jackets @ 6:00 CST

Sat Oct 22: Hawks v. Toronto Maple Leafs @ 6:CST

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Hat Tricks and good hockey

Richard Panik one of the newer hawks players gets a Hat Trick (3 goals in a game) to help get the first season win against the Nashville Predators for the Hawks this season. The younger talent on the team seams to be settling in to the action as well. Scott Darling was in net and made a total of 33 saves capping of the 5-3 win for the Hawks. More action to follow this week

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Game updates and analysis

The Hawks fist game was on Wednesday against the St. Louis Blues. this game ended up in a lost for them 5 to 2.

This game seemed to go well for the first period. Good fast hockey on both sides of the ice. a decent amount of action. in fact the hawks were up 1-0 at the end of the first. The problem started with the  second and third periods. A bunch of sloppy penalties and calls such as offsides, hooking and some icing calls lead to the downfall. in the third the Blues got an empty net goal and finally a play that was meant to just be a pass back ended up going into the hawks net as well. Needless to say the game wasn’t that great, but hey it is only the first game.

Next the Hawks moved on to play the Nashville Predators who won 3-2. a much better game and score. The hawks play theses guys again today at 7:30 CST and are looking for redemption.

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Hockey Starts This Week.

Attention All! 


This is the most exciting week until the Stanley Cup playoffs. The official start of the NHL regular season is this week and my favs (as if you already didn’t know) The Hawks are starting against the St. Louis Blues this Wednesday at 7:30 pm CST.

Keep posted for more updates

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Niklas Hjalmarsson suspended for season opener

Suspended due to significant contact with an opposing player’s head. due to this contact he was suspended for the season opener next week and the last preseason game this week. depending on the severity of the hit I would have to say this is a fair assessment, but it depends on the veiwer.

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Game Day

 NHL exaction games start up this week.

Toews and the Hawks take on the the Sid the Kid and the Pittsburg Penguins tonight at 7:30.
The beginning of hockey season is finally here.




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