Video Game #1

We’re going to start off with a franchise that has returned to the fold recently. Which means the new God of War will NOT be applied to the scenarios that are going to be presented in this blog post because it is not out yet.

So God of War is a game that you treat it as a game that you enjoy or release your anger on if having a bad day (give or take of your perspective). What I see in it that is good is that you as the controller (the player) to follow Kratos and witness special techniques such as grab, ability, or the button mini game. They’re a lot of unique events that occur when trying out moves, abilities/spells, that I always enjoy discovering when I’m playing. Each game is distinguished by the scenery (Greek Mythology based prior to the new one coming out this year) and characters you meet which is engaging, however, this leads to the bad cases.

One of the particular things I find bad about the franchise was when someone appears and really nothing happens. It is either they had a purpose but was given a short time slot on screen, we wonder about these characters and thought if they had could have done more, or throw in someone that had nothing to do with game story overall. I understand “due to time constraints”, however, one must have a conscious to know of what to do with them than to just throw them in and hope it works ordeal. Greek mythology has many characters that had an impact from reality and game reality that we could have witness and the developers could have experimented with more. Killing bosses don’t have an outro, they just die and you take the spoils with no direction. It is the saying, “Here’s something you can work with and have fun.” I can understand if you can’t always¬†emphasize each one of the items, but make sure it makes sense in the game genre.

This now brings me to what could have been better in a perspective of the player that caught an eye on this game franchise:

  1. Expand on each item with a brief paragraph describing what it does ahead of time in development.
  2. Spend more time on the endgame content to have enough things to see in a  transition to the next game or the ending itself.
  3. Have connections on characters beforehand rather than throw them into the game without character development.
  4. Examine each Greek individual (Characters, creatures, and expanded architecture).

What were your thoughts about God of War that could have been better?

PS: This is my first blog post and will be challenging for me to give out my perspective as a video gamer.