This month’s Ipsy Bag was supposed to look like a carnival ticket. The theme was sideshow. Although I think the bag is cool and different, I don’t see myself ever using it. However, I appreciate the creativity. As for the products, I really liked my bag this month.

Now, let’s get into the products

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This EM Cosmetics felt tip eyeliner got me so excited, however it was a bit of a let down. It’s okay but I generally use Stila, and it’s nowhere near as good as that one is. One positive is this one dries super quick. I won’t be rushing out to buy this but it was still nice to get a different product than I usually get. You can purchase this Here for only $15 while Stila liquid eyeliner will run you about $22

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First of all, my apologies for this pic, I could either get it to show the logo and be blurry or it would look nice but you couldn’t read it. This is a Ciate bronzer, it’s nice. A little pale for me at the moment because I have been tanning, but I know as soon as I stop this will be my go-to. It’s nice and matte. I definitely would recommend. you can purchase this here for $28.

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This is a highlighter by Mica. I was super excited to finally get a highlighter in an Ipsy bag. It’s a nice neutral shade with a lot of shimmer, basically everything you’d want in a powder highlighter. However, this is not something I would purchase. It costs $50 for a small tub of it. It’s a nice highlighter but to be honest it isn’t worth $50 for this one product that I don’t even use on a regular basis. The product isn’t even available yet so I feel super lucky to have gotten it in my Ipsy bag this month. This is one of the things I love the most about Ipsy. If you’re interested in dropping the $50 yourself, it will be available here.

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This No Poreblem Primer, which is obviously supposed to reduce the appearance of pores is an Urban Outfitters product. I find that strange… However it works fine. I would say it’s no better or worse than other primers I have used. At $18 it’s also at an average price point. I appreciate that this was in my bag because I never have to buy primers anymore, Ipsy is my only source for them. After that raving review I’m sure you’d like to purchase one for yourself (; you can buy this poreless primer here

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This is my WTF product of the month??? Aloe costs like $2 at the drug store so I’m confused as to why it’s in my ipsy bag… It smells even weirder than regular aloe, it’s just an all around no. At $30 for a tube….. I’m not even justifying it by putting a link in here. Again WTF IPSY????!!!

Overall, I’m happy with this month I got some good products. I feel like the highlighter alone gave me more than my $10 worth so I consider it a win. As always if you are interested in getting your own Ipsy bag sign up here and earn me some points (;

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