We’ve all been there, you chopped off all your hair channeling a more mature vibe. Sure you were rocking that crop for a couple weeks, maybe even a couple of months. But then… the time comes. You miss your long hair, you wish you never cut it in the first place. Hair doesn’t grow overnight, we all know that. If you’re looking for an overnight fix, this isn’t the post for you. However- I do have some tips a tricks for healthier, therefore longer, hair.

1. MANE AND TAIL- now you may be saying what… the…? that’s horse shampoo. And you would be right, however Mane and Tail can be used on humans too.14572787

This shampoo is only $6 at Target, and I have found that my hair is stronger, shiner and grows faster when I consistently use it. They also make a slightly more expensive version for color-treated hair that I’ve only been able to find at Sally Beauty Supply.

2. HAIR OIL- At one point in my life I was deep in the youtube universe and I stumbled upon this girl with incredibly long hair. She went on and on in this video about the use of hair oil. I’ve tried quite a few brands since then and have come up with a personal favorite.Best-Oils-for-Hair-Growth5

I actually got this Moroccan oil in a sample size in my Ipsy bag at one point and it has since become my favorite hair oil. It’s thicker so you don’t want to go crazy, but I apply it to my ends after a shower to keep hair from breaking and to reduce split ends. Doing so helps your hair grow longer over time.

3. GET A HAIRCUT- this may seem like the most backwards hack ever, but honestly trimming your ends will help in the long run. This reduces breakage therefore leaving hair thicker and eventually longer. As much as you want to hold on to every bit of length you have when growing your hair out, trimming your hair regularly is for the best.

4.VITAMINS- there are many vitamins that claim to grow your hair skin and nails. I can’t personally say which works better because I’ve only tried a few but I would say anything that has Biotin or Vitamin A in it is a good starting place. You don’t have to shell out tons of cash to get the sugar bear hair supplements that the stars use because essentially a vitamin is a vitamin and those are very gimmicky.

5. WASH HAIR SPARINGLY- Yes you definitely need to shampoo your hair sometimes because not washing enough can lead to all kinds of issues-not to mention greasy hair. But you really shouldn’t be shampooing your hair every day if you’re trying to grow it out. Shampoo strips natural oils in your hair. These oils keep the hair healthy and strong. So I suggest every 3 days if you can swing it. I know sometimes by the 2nd day I can’t take it anymore but I usually try to wait 3.

That’s all I’ve got for tips for growing your hair long. I hope this helps!

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