Have you heard of the latest trend in gel nail polish? I know I saw this color-change nail polish at my salon and thought that it was gimmicky and wouldn’t work or would barely change colors. However, I’ve recently started buying temperature changing gel polish online and I am obsessed.

It totally works, my nails drastically change color and it’s not only when I run them under cold water (as I had feared). Sometimes even when I’m at home my hands will just get a little chilly and it’s enough to completely change the color of my nails. I think it’s the coolest thing ever.

Here’s some before and after pictures of color changing polishes:


There’s some cool things you can do with this polish, I found this picture and am thinking of trying this myself–


If you do the design in a similar color to the warm one then it shows up more when your nails are cold which I think is super cool.

I’m sure there’s tons of other things you can do with this so be on the lookout for this new nail trend!!

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