Brows are so in right now, many girls are spending a lot of time in order to perfect the shape of their brows and ensure that they look thicker. I spend a lot time on my brows myself so this is just some insight into my brow routine and my brow opinions!

1. Wax, thread or pluck

 I think that threading is the way to go. Obviously you can pluck and wax in between threading because… let’s face it threading hurts like a b****. I usually get my brows threaded every few months and wax and pluck in between to keep them cleaner looking. I just think that threading is much more precise and I always think it looks better. I definitely get the most compliments after my eyebrows have been threaded. All in all this is a personal decision and this is just my opinion.

2. Filling in your brows

I personally fill in my brows every day, but I try to remain subtle. I just prefer the more blended and natural look. I use 3 products on my brows regularly.


I start with Gimme Brow by Benefit Cosmetics. It is a gel but it has little fibers in it to make your brows look more voluminous and I really like it. Also, it’s only $12 for mini at ulta or sephora, which lasts me a couple months.

Then I go back in with a pencil. I am not particular regarding my pencils, as long as it matches the gel color and isn’t TOO bold, I think it’ll look nice.

Finally, I finish up with a clear gel to keep everything in place. I use Control Freak by Nyx, I bought this at target for $6 and it works like a charm. I think that, even if you aren’t a person that needs help shaping or filling you brows in, this product could be useful to you. It keeps my brows perfectly in place all day.


3. Tinting your brows

If you’re like me and you were born with flesh colored eyebrows, you may appreciate this helpful hint.

Every few weeks I tint my brows with Just For Men beard dye. This will run you about $8 and if you seal everything up it should last you around a year. It works great but the downside is that it doesn’t last long. It fades out after a couple weeks and you have to do it again. However it’s not too time consuming or difficult. I just bought a little mascara wand and I mix a small amount of the dye then comb it into my brows. You only want to leave it for like 5-10 minutes. Being that it’s your face and near your eyes, you need to be careful that you’re keeping it contained to just your brows and that you’re following the instructions. Afterwards you want to make sure it’s completely off your brows because it will burn if it’s not fully removed (found that out the hard way) Overall this is quick and makes it easier if you are like me and have very light brows naturally.

4. Shaping

My opinion here my not be very popular but I feel like you should at least try to trace your natural brows. I see so many girls drawing shapes on their faces that could never actually be a real eyebrow. I’m all for embellishing or building upon what you have but I just think it looks so much better when it looks real. So for shaping, I say try to keep it looking natural. Here’s some general guidelines regarding shaping that I stole from Buzzfeed:

Step 1: Hold the tweezer vertically from the outermost part of your nostril straight up to your eyebrow. The place where the tweezer hits is where the head (or innermost part) of your eyebrow should begin.

Step 2: Hold the tweezer horizontally at the top of each brow to make sure they’re at the same height. If they don’t match up, you can fill in the lower eyebrow to match the higher one.

Step 3: Hold the tweezer diagonally from the outermost part of your nostril to the outermost part of your eye. Where the tweezer extends past your eye is where the tail (or outermost part) of your eyebrow should end.

So, that’s about it. Let me know in the comments what you do to ensure your brows are always on fleek (;

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