Most people know that there are a couple kinds of eyeliner, there’s gel, liquid and pencil eyeliner. Certain kinds are better suited for specific looks. This post is going to discuss some of the most popular eyeliner trends of 2017.

1. The one that is so hot right now… Winged eyeliner.


The length and angle of you wing is completely up to you, this look is proabably a little dramatic for every day wear but it’s definitely personal preference. This look is easiest to achieve with a liquid or a gel eyeliner. Doing a wing with pencil doesn’t give you the clean lines that are desired.


2. The smudged look- this is usually used to make your eyes appear more smoky or grungey.


Smudged looks are usually done with a pencil and a blending brush. You can smudge as little or as much as you like.


3. Colored liner- this is a fun look to make your eyes pop or to add drama or a whimsical feel. Some colors are made to compliment your eye color but my favorite colored eyeliner looks are with neon colors or white.


As you can see from the picture, this look varries. You can add the color on top of black, instead of black. I’ve even seen people blend from one color at one corner of their eye to another color at the other corner. These looks take more practice but are extremely unique and fun.

4. Thick underlining- this is an edgier look, one I don’t rock myself but I find it’s super hot on the runway this year.


This look is achieved by lining your water line with a pencil, this is a quick way to draw attention to your eyes and make your eye color more noticeable.



There are obviously other ways to wear eyeliner, but I feel like these are the trendiest at the moment!

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